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Does your Client Prefer Steak or Sushi?

by on ‎11-15-2011 09:19 AM

Think hard and answer carefully before you invite her out for that deal-closing lunch.  Such a simple thing – cuisine preference, but it is important to know in order to build that relationship.  After all, people buy from people – not from a faceless corporation.  Corporations don’t really care about cuisine preference, favorite past times, or how many kids their clients have (except when they are doing market research studies).  Rest assured – your client cares that you remember the details and makes note when you don’t.


Your relationships – that is the core of Sage SalesLogix.  That ever-elusive, yet all-important 360 degree view of your customer is what you need and what Sage SalesLogix helps you get.  A 360 degree view?  What does that really mean?  Why is it so important?  Yes, you can record all of the personal details mentioned above, but with Sage SalesLogix, you can do so much more. 


At the very least, I hope that you are recording all of the pertinent customer information – who they are, how to reach them, preferences, contact history, proposals, and purchase history.  Not to mention, recording your detailed notes about every phone call, email, and personal visit.  That is a LOT of information, but not quite the elusive 360 degree view. 


To get to that full view, your CRM needs to integrate with other aspects of your business as well as social media and the World Wide Web.  Sage SalesLogix can integrate with back office systems (such as ERP and accounting) and become the central hub of your business operations while helping you build rich customer profiles.  With true integration, all the information updated in one application is immediately available in the other. 


So what?  With all customer information in one place – including orders, returns, service history, payment status, credit information, and marketing campaign response history; you will KNOW your customer.  With this information, you can respond to all inquiries quickly, establish yourself as the subject matter expert, know where the upsell and cross-sell opportunities are and build a more profitable customer relationship.


Need more proof?   Aberdeen Group just released a great whitepaper on the subject – “Leveraging the 360 Degree Customer View to Maximize Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Potential.”  If you haven’t read it yet, take a moment and download it.  I think you will find it informative and insightful!  If you get a chance, let me know what you think of the paper and if there was anything that really resonated for you.

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