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Do you have your marketing strategy laid out for this Fall? - Guest Blog by Annie Cooley

by Administrator Administrator on ‎10-26-2010 09:00 AM

Do you have your marketing strategy laid out for this Fall?

by Annie Cooley


As you enter into the new season, your marketing efforts need to be seamless and on point. This season particularly offers a perfectly good excuse to push promotions and new product rollouts.

Here are a few things to consider as you build your message.

Ask yourself who you are targeting. Do some research on your customer base and find ways you can target different groups specifically. Are there specific promotions you can push with a certain group of customers? Lay out all the possible promotions and marketing strategies you have and choose which ones make the most sense to put into action this Fall. Create sequential content using multiple mediums to increase client interaction in a positive way.

Think benefits not features. It is sometimes hard to think beyond what your product has to offer. Instead of boasting about your product’s features, focus on the greater benefits that you can offer them that will solve their business problems.  When you go to write your content ask yourself what is in it for your customer. What will they get out of your product? How can you provide a solution for them?

Define your customer lifecycle. This is another form of targeting your customer base. Customers at different stages react differently to your product and your marketing messages. Some key points of the lifecycle are prospective customers, qualified leads, new customers, product evangelists, etc.

Use multiple mediums to share your marketing message. Direct mail, telemarketing, email marketing and social media are all ways you can reach and better qualify your prospects and clients to deliver to most relevant message. Brainstorm the ways you can effectively use these mediums and develop a strategy to put in place.

What are ways you are reaching your client base this season?

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