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Customizing the Sage SalesLogix Web Client Help

by Employee on ‎06-29-2010 10:47 AM

One of the great features of the Sage SalesLogix Web Client is the extent to which it can be customized. You can also extend your customizations into the Web Client Help file content.  You might want to do this so the Help matches your changes to the interface, to add or change images for branding purposes, or perhaps to replace existing terms with terminology more appropriate for your customers corporate culture.


The Web Help source files are on your Web Server. If your customizations involve changes to existing forms, you can edit the help using any HTML editorNotepad for example.  If you have added new forms, you can create new help topics and connect them into the existing online Help system. To find instructions for doing this and more, open the Application Architect online Help file. Then, in the Table of Contents pane, expand the Application Architect book, expand the Web Developers Reference book, and expand Web Help.  Inside you can find topics that explain:

·    How to customize existing Sage SalesLogix Web help

·    How to create custom Web help topics

·    How to make your new help topic accessible (adding it the index and Table of Contents, and connecting it to other topics)

·    How to connect your topic to the interface, so the topic appears if the user clicks a help button

·    How to upgrade your custom .aspx content into .htm. 


Customizing the help content to match your modified interface enables you to deliver a completely customized experience for your customers and users.


Mari Phipps

Sage SalesLogix User Assistance

on ‎09-08-2010 09:25 AM

Would the administrator be able to hide entire sections of the web help system. For example, we don't use the Opportunities at this time. It is currently hidden but our help file still has help articles about that section.

by Employee
on ‎09-08-2010 12:53 PM

Thanks for your question.  UA  has not done much testing on this specific scenario. You should be able to remove existing topics by reversing the steps in the Help topics explaining how to add custom content.  This should involve opening the folder containing the Opportunities topics and deleting the .htm files.  Be aware that the files may be linked into the table of contents, the index, and to other topics in the help, so there is a good chance you will need to do some cleanup to remove broken links.  Also, you may want to save the topics in another location in case you need to add them back in at some point in the future.   We will do some research on this, so please check back in a few days when we will have more information.



by Employee
‎09-14-2010 10:01 AM - edited ‎09-14-2010 10:04 AM

The attached link provides more information about the process for removing topics from the Web Client help.  Expect to see this content added to the Application Architect help file in the next release.  Feedback is always very welcome.  Thanks again for your question.

Removing Topics from the Web Client Help

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