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CRM, Analytics and the Changes we face...... #SalesLogix

by Employee on ‎01-10-2014 10:31 AM

It seems we are always facing a CRM marketplace that changes faster than most software solutions. Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and C-Level Exec’s are under increasing scrutiny to deliver measurable results quicker, with undefined metrics and hard to capture data. Those who are unable to adapt to these challenges are being shown the door at an increasingly rapid rate. They simply have a higher demand and less time to prove their worthiness to the organization. How do you manage the on the fly changes and requests for data?


An integrated Analytic CRM solution is how you answer this. Advanced Analytics solutions help to unlock the answers in your CRM Data. SalesLogix Advanced Analytics integrates data from different sources for a single view and it enables your teams to work more collaboratively. Marketing can get the data they need, Sales can get the data they need and Customer Service can get the data they require.  When you invest in a more integrated approach, not only are your business results stronger, but your ROI is higher.


See for yourself! Take a tour of SalesLogix Advanced Analytics:


Guest Blog by Glenn Deems

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