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August Support Call of the Month – Desktop Integration and Outlook Sync

by Employee on ‎08-27-2014 12:51 PM

Outlook Sync is installed as a part of Desktop Integration, but because it requires SDATA configuration, it is often considered a separate component.


Desktop Integration Components


-          Export to Excel

-          Write menu for creating and modifying Templates

-          Mail-Merge

-          Send note to Word

-          SendSLX  &  Record to History

-          Outlook Address Book

-          Drag and Drop Attachments

-          Drag and Drop Email

-          Drag and Drop Library files

-          Outlook Sync (Requires SDATA)


Desktop Integration and Outlook Sync Compatibility


To fully understand Desktop Integration & Outlook Sync it helps to be aware of browser and office compatibility


If Mail Merge is not listed as compatible on the the Compatibility Checklist, Desktop Integration will not show enhancements as installed on the Saleslogix Login Splash screen, but it will still work.  (I.e. it still gives the option to install DI)


Outlook Sync


-          SDATA Sync must be properly configured and ‘test’ successfully before Outlook Sync will function

-          Do not attempt to edit the Saleslogix feed line directly (it can cause problems with the endpointurl in the ‘appidmapping’             table)




- Don’t forget to check the Enabled box for Outlook Sync on the Integrations tab.




Outlook Sync Common Questions and Resolutions


“I am receiving a 401 Unauthorized Error when I test Desktop Integration”

Possible Resolutions:

-          Not using the correct password or users

-          Set up the password in administrator or set no password

-          Use the password in the Desktop Manager

-          In the case of Windows Authentication

-          Edit the Web.Config file where it says Authentication='none' to Authentication='Windows‘

-          Web.config is found in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\sdata


If the above steps have been completed and you are still receiving an error in regards to 401 Unauthorized http://sitehereport/sdata/slx/gcrm/-/$service/registerClient then this is possibly a defect in versions prior to 8.1 Model 02 and after 8.0.   (Note the defect does not prevent it from working, only from testing successfully)




“I am receiving HTTP 500 errors in the Web Client after installing Desktop Integration”


Disable the Saleslogix desktop Integration module helper add-on in IE (Under Tool, Manage Add-ons)



For Outlook Sync to function, even if the customer is using LAN only, you must run step 41, the SLXConversionUtility.  (this step is not just for X3 Integration)


As a best practice, always update to the latest Core and Model updates as there are several fixes for Desktop and Outlook Integration. (But mostly the latter)


Taken from August Tech Tuesday written by Danielle Frankini

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