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Are you selling value?

by on ‎12-01-2011 11:37 AM

Have you heard about selling value?  Would your customer’s perception of you be that of a vendor or a strategic resource?  Do you solve business problems for them in a proactive way or in a reactive way?  How much do you really understand about your customers and their business?  As a sales person in this day and age, if you want to get ahead, it requires hard work.  Now, hard work is relative right?  If the work is rewarding it won’t feel like hard work.  If it is not rewarding – it simply feels like busy work with no pay-off.


So the reward is critical in this process.  Chances are good that if you are in sales, you are motivated by money.  So the hard work for you should be aimed at earning more money.  Now, put yourself in your customer’s shoes.  They are putting their blood, sweat and tears into their business.  Making a decision to buy something from you will demand a lot of work on their part.  The time and effort to analyze what solutions exist out in the market place.  Where do we find the budget to acquire a solution like yours?  Also, they will need to remove people from their daily roles to assist with choosing and implementing the new solution.  These all carry a cost with them.


Now, what do you think a customer would rather see walk in the door to deliver their presentation?  Do you believe they want a vendor that shows up to demonstrate how good their software solution is?  They have already done their due diligence and realize that your software package can do what they need.  What they are really hoping to see – is how you will provide value to their business.  In this case, you is defined as your company, your software, your business acumen, your knowledge of their business processes, goals, etc.


So look at your presentation skills.  Do you spend time researching the company you are selling into?  Do you look beyond the RFP and see what other obstacles their business is facing?  Do you read annual reports, 10k’s, research LexisNexis, etc?  If you walk in understanding what the CEO and the shareholders are expecting to be solved, and then align that with what the RFP has requested – that will be impressive.  You will immediately have the attention of the check signer as someone that will help their business.  Not just someone that can solve a small problem…


Jason Askelson

Senior Director, Sales and Services

Sage CRM Solutions

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