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Are Sales Stressing You Out?

by on ‎01-19-2010 10:02 AM

Being in sales is a stressful job.  No doubt about that.  With quotas, revenue goals, unit counts and profits margins to meet, there is a lot riding on whether you close the deal or not.  And after a turbulent year like 2009, many sales teams are feeling more stressed than ever about how to make the numbers in 2010.

A recent survey to Sage customers provided some insight into what is really stressing our sales teams from directors, managers and sales staff. Do these challenges look familiar to you? Although the list may not be pretty, you may feel some comfort that sales teams across all businesses and industries are feeling the same pressure.

Top Challenges/Stresses


Sales Director

  • Increased responsibility
  • Maintaining internal communication
  • Accountability
  • Unresolved conflicts

Sales Manager

  • Availability for staff and customers
  • Increased competition
  • Getting in front of more customers
  • Lack of clear direction
  • Not enough hours in the day to respond to customers
  • Poor execution
  • Properly training my sales team on a regular basis
  • Team not hitting goals

Sales Staff

  • Chasing clients
  • Closing deals
  • Company perception in the market
  • Increased competition
  • Economic worries
  • Getting paperwork you need
  • Lack of marketing funds
  • Lack of organization

We’d like to know your top concerns facing your organization this year.  Please take a moment to participate in our poll. If your challenges are not listed, please comment on this blog and let us know what you’re facing. We will report the poll results right here in the Sage SalesLogix Journal.

We will also be hosting a sales motivation webcast that can help address these stresses and help you put together a strategy to tackle sales goals for 2010. With the right motivational strategies and sales tools, you can get your sales moving in the right direction.  Look for more details on the webcast coming soon.

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