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Anatomy of an Effective Email: 9 Steps to Creating Emails that Work – Part 2 - Guest Blog by Audrey Howes @ahowes #Swiftpage

by Employee on ‎01-24-2012 07:42 AM

by Audrey Howes, Swiftpage


Last week, we shared 3 tips to creating emails that work. This week we have 3 more tips to add to your email arsenal.  Then next week we will reveal 3 final tips to making your emails more effective. More effective emails = a better ROI for you.


4.     Keep it Short and Sweet

I am busy. You are busy. Your readers are busy. Show them that you value their time by crafting messages that get straight to the point. In studies, email readers have been shown to ‘read’ an entire email in 30 seconds or less. Take advantage of those 30 seconds by including only the main points in your email and giving the reader an opportunity to click through if they want to learn more. An added bonus to click through links is reporting for you! Email services such as Sage E-marketing can track your click-throughs and deliver reports on the data collected.


5.     What’s the Main Thing

Every day I am confronted with a litany of convoluted emails. The subject line says one thing, but when I open the email the main message is totally unrelated and the content I was interested in is buried somewhere else in the email. Many an email marketer has made the mistake of losing focus on the main thing. Make it easy for your readers to find the main message in your email and let everything else be secondary. Here is an excellent example from Babycenter. The email gets straight into the main subject (Figuring out Friendship) and gives me a brief overview of the topic. Babycenter includes other links and tidbits, but the main focus of the email is clear and easy to find.



6.     Tell Them What to Do

When my husband and I got married, we received two small ceramic cups with matching lids and a wire holder for the cups. There was no explanation as to what the cups were for and they quickly made it into our, “thanks but no thanks” pile. I later found out that they were intended to be used to poach eggs (Helpful note: I have never eaten a poached egg nor cooked one in my life). Without the framework of some sort of instructions, my husband and I were at a total loss as to what to do and therefore we did nothing. Your email readers need to be told what to do… Click here. Read more. Buy now. Sign up. Your call to action should be clear from the moment they open the email. A reader needs to be able to immediately say to himself, “Oh, they would like me to purchase this product.” Or “I see, I need to update my information on file with ABC Company.” Sending emails without a clear call to action is a waste of your efforts and their time.


Next week we’ll reveal the final 3 insights into the anatomy of an effective email. See you then!

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