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A Recap to the Webinar: Keys to Developing Effective Email Marketing Programs - Guest Blog by Annie Cooley

by Administrator Administrator on ‎08-17-2010 09:22 AM

A Recap to the Webinar: Keys to Developing Effective Email Marketing Programs

by Annie Cooley


Dan Ogdon, Swiftpage VP of Marketing and Paul Buckley, Sage Sr. Product Manager shared their expertise on how to develop effective email marketing programs this month. In case you missed it, the webinar has been recorded and can be accessed here.

Want a quick recap?

One of the big questions asked was, why use a 3rd party email marketing service provider? The answer is simple. 3rd party ESPs make an email appear to the recipient that it is coming from you while it appears to the email client (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc…) that is safely coming from the ESP. ESPs are also beneficial in the way they can generate data based on effectiveness of the message including opens, clicks, bounced and opt-outs.

When using a 3rd party ESP, how do you develop an effective message?

First, you need to define your targets and segment your lists. Make sure to tailor your message directly to these contacts. By using Sage Saleslogix you already know who your clients are and the best ways to be relevant for them.

Personalization is key. The email should be coming from the person who works closely with the recipients. Send the email as them. You can also use mail merge fields to personalize the email as if you are only writing to that specific recipient. For example, start your message of with “Hi [First Name]” and end it with “Sincerely, [Account Manager].”

Subject lines should include branding within them. This acts as an automatic signifier for the recipient to take notice of your email. Also, stay away from special characters in subject lines. Special characters increase your chance of hitting the Junk folder.

The message of your email should be short with teasers that link to a landing page that provides more detailed information. This way, you can better target what your recipients are interested in. Your landing page should carry the same theme as the email. Through Sage Saleslogix E-marketing you can create both messages within the same editing tool.

When determining the most successful call to action, consider these: placement, text links and button links. Then test, test, test their effectiveness.  

How can you ensure your message will reach the inbox?
With an open rate that is decreases due to the infiltration of spam and a click through rate that averages between 2-5% it is crucial to keep your message relevant and actionable. That is not the only thing you can do to ensure delivery. Ask your email recipients to whitelist you and add you to their address book. Use spam tools such as the, or to see if your message is spam compliant.

To learn more about how to develop effective email marketing messages, listen to the webinar here. You can also view a Sage Saleslogix E-marketing demo at the end of the webinar.

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