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A Healthy Ecosystem is Key to Delivering “CRM Your Way"

by Employee on ‎10-25-2012 04:58 PM

There is no one size fits all for a Customer Relationship Management solution.  Today’s CRM buyer wants an system that will meet their unique business needs, grow with them, work the way they do,  and work where they want to work. 


Sage SalesLogix is a feature rich CRM solution offering a highly customizable CRM solution as a desktop solution, as a web client, in our secure Cloud, or as a mobile solution.   One of the more appealing concepts for the customer is the idea that the SalesLogix product will be their unique CRM solution or “CRM Your Way”.  That it will meet their current and future business needs and is capable of keeping pace with their growth and changing needs.  


(For Visual Image of Sage Saleslogix Ecosytem view attachment)


To truly deliver a customer “CRM Your Way” there must be a healthy supporting ecosystem.   SalesLogix is the base for this ecosystem by providing a robust and flexible product that will allow the customer work the way they want to work and where they want to work.  From there the transition from SalesLogix to “CRM Your Way” falls to the remainder of the ecosystem.


The business partner truly is the customer’s partner and guide on their journey to “CRM Your Way”.  They offer sound guidance on the type of implementation (desktop, web client, Cloud or mobile) then after the purchase follow up with a quality implementation of the chosen solution.   Based on customer’s requirements for “CRM Your Way” the business partner provides required configuration and customization.   There are many occasions when delivering “CRM Your Way” the business partner may require support from the other members of the ecosystem.


The customer may need integration with other applications such as an ERP system or an office management application or require data import/export initially or on a regular basis.  They may need their data cleaned or reconfigured to meet current requirements. An integrated phone service with their CRM may be part of their needs or a custom workflow with screens for a call center.


Or their unique business needs may be centered around specific professions such as medicine or financial services.  They may also desire to have SalesLogix combined with marketing automation, product sales, business process management or workflow, project management, or have unique reporting requirements.


The customer will be provided options to meet their demands from the SalesLogix ecosystem. The SalesLogix Development Partner Program has Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that can meet these needs high quality product, integrations and services.   These ISVs are a vital key to closing any gaps that may exist between the Out of the Box SalesLogix implementation with Business Partner customizations and the customer’s “CRM Your Way” solution.


From the Sage SalesLogix perspective growing and maintaining a healthy ecosystem is one of our key focuses.  Our philosophy is we will enter partnerships with ISVs that are capable of providing value to our customers with high quality products and support that meets the Sage standard.   As technology, the market and the customer needs evolve in the future we will evolve to insure our products and ecosystem continues to be fully capable of delivering “CRM Your Way”


For Further Information Contact:

Glenn Garrison

Senior Program Manager, Sage SalesLogix

Sage CRM Solutions

8800 N Gainey Center Drive, Ste. 200

Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Office:  480-383-5225

Mobile: 602-803-4380

Twitter: @GlennGarrison31

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