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A Golden Partner

by Employee on ‎08-26-2014 04:12 PM

We are all connected through networks: social media technology, friendships and even genetics. Networks at both the individual and organizational level truly allow the business world to thrive! Saleslogix is no exception, and values three very important networks: our customer community, our Business Partners, and our Business Development Partners.


Saleslogix is sold exclusively through our Business Partner network, who work to implement, customize and support our mutual customers. Our Business Development Partners create specialized solutions to complement the Saleslogix platform (many of which are available in the Saleslogix Marketplace). The majority of our partners exist in one network or the other.


However, there are a few Saleslogix partners who exist in both the Business Partner and Business Development Partner networks by providing specialized solutions as well as direct sales, implementation, and support for Saleslogix. Strategic Sales Systems is an organization that excels as both a Business Partner and Business Development Partner!


As a long-term Business Partner, Strategic Sales Systems primarily services organizations in the healthcare, utility, and financial sectors.   With a wealth of experience operating in these industries for so long, Strategic Sales Systems has learned a thing or two about special industry requirements and needs. In response, Strategic Sales Systems has developed a slew of specialized industry Marketplace solutions including:


  • Physician’s Liaison System – This comprehensive and dynamic system gives your organization easy access to your physician and medical practice information at a glance, including calls, meetings, tasks, emails, statistics, notes, personal data, service volume, and issue resolution information.


  • Proximity Search – This add-on for Saleslogix allows users to find contacts and accounts within a specific distance to any geographic location in the United States (and other countries supported by the Bing API). Results from search, as well as existing groups of contacts or accounts, can be plotted on a Bing map for further analysis and route planning.


As a Gold Sponsor of our 2014 Global Conference you can meet with Strategic Sales Systems at the on-site Conference Expo where they will be showcasing all their industry and marketplace solutions. Early bird pricing has been extended until the end of August, so sign up today to save your spot before it’s gone!

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