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5 Qualities of a Good Client

by Employee on ‎10-07-2014 04:20 PM

Many business owners say that good clients are invaluable to their business success.  What is a good client and how do you measure the value a good client? Here are 5 Qualities of a good Client.


  1. Good Clients Typically Never Argue Over Price

While longstanding good clients expect good value for a fair price, they most all know that you rarely get quality service at a discount. On the other end of the spectrum, for some people, no matter how cheap you are the price of doing business is simply too high. I am always amazed that some customers, who are in the business to make money can’t understand that we are in business to do the same.  Good customers get this!


  1. Good Clients are Looking to Find The Trusted Advisor

Good customers understand that finding an expert they can trust is not going to be cheap. They are looking for someone to be the “Trusted Advisor” in a field that as a customer they do not specialize in. As a consumer, If I have problems with my car I am not going to go for the cheapest fix. I want to know that I picked a trust worthy expert to fix my car so I can rest easy. The good client has a fear of picking the wrong partner. A partner that could put them on the fast track to failure instead of the express lane to success. 


  1. Good Clients Have a Realistic Budget

Most customers have a “Magic Number” they feel a project should cost. But, they also know that if the cost does exceed this “Magic Number” there is good reasoning behind it. The good ones understand that they need to spend money to make money. They understand that while spending more money than expected they are trusting your service will provide a greater return. They believe in you and what you are doing so that “Magic Number” they had in mind was just that magic and not reality.


  1. Good Clients Participate….. Just Enough

Good clients will be involved in the projects you are working on for them, but they will not be all over the project. They will provide input when needed but not be overbearing to take the project away from you. Good clients entrust you to decipher through all of the content matter they have handed over to you. They understand that you have their best interest in mind and have a vision for them to be successful.


  1. Good Clients Like You. That’s Why They do Business With you!

People ultimately choose to do business with people they like, and everyone likes someone who appreciates them. When you appreciate your client as much as they appreciate you and your service, you will have a very long working relationship. This will make working easy and allow you to fiscally grow the relationship.




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