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Business Partner Resources

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Commonly Used Documents/Guides

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Here are important guides and checklists to use when getting started that you can download.

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Registered: ‎04-15-2014

Requesting Staging Environments

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Requesting a staging environment is easy!  A staging environment is needed when you are adding customizations or upgrading to a to new version of Saleslogix.  Just call the Cloud Support Team at: 1.800.944.5709 and let the representative know that you want to request staging server time. 


All they need to know is:

  • Your purpose/what you plan to use staging for (ie - testing customizations or upgrading)
  • Your name & company
  • Your Business Partner's name & company
  • Your requested start date
  • Your requested amount of usage days
  • The version of Saleslogix you need set up in

The Cloud Operations team completes the follwing actions for you:

  • Makes final copoy of database and Filestore (D: ) volume
  • Configures the database connections
  • Switches the alias from Staging to Productioin

Here are some facts about how staging time works:

  • Customers receive one day FREE per month of staging server time of their contract
  • They receive all of their credits up front
  • Staging Server time is measured on a daily basis – any # of hours used = 1 day
  • It will take 1-2 days for a staging environment to be setup
  • They will receive an email from the cloud operations team when their staging environment is setup
  • Their environment will be shut down at midnight on the last day requested unless we are contacted regarding an extension.
  • Once the free days are up the pricing is $20 per day/server.



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Registered: ‎04-26-2010

Test Out or Get Trained

Get your Saleslogix Certification in Less Time

Do you have years of Saleslogix experience but haven’t taken the time to get certified?

Are there only one to two people in your company authorized to call Support and open tickets?


Your Saleslogix experience counts! Register today to “test out” of the Saleslogix Implementer or Saleslogix Web Developer course and obtain your certification for only $395.


If you do not pass the assessment, you will have to register for the full virtual classroom course to become certified.


Saleslogix Partner Training

This is the one place you need to be for all Saleslogix partner product training opportunities, certification information and requirements and all partner training announcements.

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Registered: ‎04-15-2014

Required Training

Required training for BPs (we are not able to support you if this training has not been completed)


Saleslogix v8.0 Cloud Certification: Implementer

This Anytime Learning course introduces you to the Saleslogix Cloud environment. This series of pre-recorded videos covers technical topics for managing the Cloud environment.   

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Log on to the Cloud Server, and identify system configuration and policies.
  • Identify acceptable tools for transferring data to the Cloud Server.
  • Describe the process for configuring Saleslogix for new Cloud customers.
  • List the types of data backups that occur automatically in the Cloud, and identify scenarios where you may need to create a manual backup.
  • Summarize the process you should take in order to customize Saleslogix in a Cloud environment.
  • Explain how upgrades work for a non-customized and a customized Saleslogix environment in the Cloud.


  • You must have Saleslogix Implementation Consultant v8.0 certification before attending this course

Saleslogix v8.0 Cloud Certification: Implementer - FREE once you complete your Saleslogix Implementation Consultant v8.0 certification