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Understanding Permissions & Icons in the Saleslogix Community

[ Edited ]

The Saleslogix community is permissions based - what you see on the community is determined by the permissions you have been granted. Chances are if you are signed into the community and you're not seeing what you expect to see, you need to request the appropriate permissions. Below is an explanation of how permissions work in the community, and how to request special access to private areas of the community.


Some permissions are earned through a ranking structure as a member becomes more active and involved in the community.  Rankings are based on a variety of different measurements. As a member progresses through the ranks they will acquire different ranking names and icons which also may grant them extended privileges on the community.


Other permissions are role specific and granted to those who request and meet certain criteria (such as being an Saleslogix Business Partner, employee, beta participant, etc.). Members who have role based permissions may have access to private areas on the community where they can gather to talk about topics and interests specific to that group.  Icons representing those groups appear next to each members screen name.  Here are the top 5 icons you will see in the community, a summary of what they represent, and links to request access:


  "Truth through transparency" is our goal here on the community.  Swiftpage employees who aren't moderators or administrators on the community are clearly identifiable with this Saleslogix icon.  It also allows employees access to private employee boards. If you are a Swiftpage employee and you do not see this icon next to your screen name in your profile, please request access.


moderator icon  Moderators are identified by this headset icon. Moderators help to maintain a positive and healthy environment on the community by enforcing community guidelines, responding to abuse reports, managing members posts and users and responding to member suggestions and requests.


admin icon Community Administrators and the Community Manager are represented by this icon.  Administrators can grant and remove member permissions.  In addition to granting permissions, the Community Manager creates and manages all aspects of the community structure including set up and maintenance of forums (a.k.a. boards), blogs and announcements as well as the layout (or look and feel) of the community. If you need assistance with any community structure or permissions related issues, email us.


 North America Partner Icon Represents Saleslogix Business Partners in North America.  Business Partners have special forums where they can discuss and share information among their peers.  If you are a Business Partner and do not have this icon next to your screen name in your profile, please request access.


 International Business Partner Icon Represents internationally based Saleslogix Business Partners.  If you are an international based Saleslogix Business Partner and do not have this icon next to your screen name in your profile, please request access.


Localized Forums

To help our partners stay on top of marketing and business information specific to their regions, we have localized international English, French and German marketing and business update forums. If you already have the International Business Partner icon next to your name, you'll be able to access the Engllish speaking International Marketing, Sales & Business Updates forum. If you are in a French or German speaking region, please request special permissions to access the localized forum specific to your region:


Tawny Mergel

Community Manager