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Idealogix Submission Guidelines

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Before you get started sharing your ideas, here are some guidelines to help your idea soar once it leaves the nest:

Submission Guidelines

Ideas are great, identifying opportunities is even better. Tell us your challenges; why you need that new field, tool or feature, instead of exact specifications and blueprints for how to build it. That will not only help us to better understand what you want, but we may even be able to solve your challenge more quickly another way.


Some ideas are easier to do than others. Don't be discouraged if your amazing new idea is not picked up immediately. All ideas are reviewed for member interest, complexity, alignment with our product vision and prioritization against other projects. Some ideas take longer than others, and some ideas will not be possible within the scope of what we want to accomplish in the next year or so.

Check to see if your idea is similar to another's before posting. This can help you two ways: if the idea already exists, you should join your feedback to the current idea rather than watering down the potential impact across multiple submissions. Or if your idea is similar to another but substantively different you should reference the previous idea and point out the differences to avoid confusion.

Review the ideas of others. Look at other ideas periodically to see what your fellow members are requesting and comment on them! While we take into account the numbers of kudos an idea receives, we also consider the amount and quality of member feedback when making our decisions.

Idea Submission Statuses

We strive to review submitted ideas on a bi-weekly cycle. Submission statuses that we use are:


  • New Idea: Status for all newly submitted ideas. Members are asked to comment on and clarify the idea to help determine community interest in this area.
  • Comments Requested: More information is needed before our Product Management team can take this under consideration for possible inclusion into the product. Please comment further or vote for them so we can further evaluate the priority and feasibiliy of these ideas.
  • Under Consideration: After gaining valuable member input the product management team is evaluating the idea to see where it fits in the product road map.
  • Accepted: The idea has been accepted as part of the product road map, and will be incorporated into an upcoming product release.
  • Implemented: The idea has been developed and added to the product.
  • Future Review: The idea is not being considered at this time, but will be reviewed for future inclusion into our product road map at a later date.
  • Duplicate: Another similar idea has already been posted.


Please note that we will not be able to provide dates for the implementation of any accepted ideas within the community due to the number of factors involved, not least of which is our need to maintain flexibility in the priority schedule to accommodate urgent projects and other necessary changes. If an idea you like has been accepted, that's a good thing! It means it is something we are excited about providing to our customers, and it will make it into the product. Please be patient and let us make sure it is completely ready before we make it available.

Also, just because an idea has been implemented does not mean you will have immediate access to it. Due to customizations or other complexities about your site it may take additional time to deploy the updated version containing your implemented feature to your site. If you have questions or would like to schedule and upgrade, please contact your Saleslogix Business Partner.


Note: Swiftpage may or may not use your comments, ideas, or suggestions.  As set forth in the community guidelines, Swiftpage reserves the right to use for any purpose including commercial purposes, comments, ideas, suggestions, code, products or services (“Content”) that are posted on this community without any obligation to compensate the individual or entity that provided the Content. By posting any Content in the community, you hereby relinquish any right you may have in such Content and to any future compensation for publication, use, distribution, license or sale of the same. By posting Content, you represent and warrant that you either own or control all of the rights to that Content, and such Content does not violate any third party rights or these Swiftpage Terms of Service. You agree that all opinions expressed by users of this community are expressed in their individual capacities, and not as representatives of Swiftpage.

Tawny Mergel

Community Manager