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Registered: ‎04-01-2009

sData only sending tiny percentage of history records to remote dbs.

Hi,  We are running 7.5.4 LAN with remotes.  We recently had an outside source integrate Eloqua with our SLX instance using sData.  I've noticed that the remote databases are only getting a fraction of the transactions (History records) that they should.


In the past three weeks, the integration has created 134,000 history records (email sent type). As a remote user, I receive all accounts.  Of the 134,000 history records created in the host database, only 15 made it to my remote database. There is nothing different about these 15 records from any of the others. They seem to be randomly selected from the entire set.


On my user profile all the history filters are set to 550 days, except for db changes which is set to zero. 


Am I missing something simple?  Is there someplace I could look at some obscure setting? In Application Architect, the SLX model shows sData feeds for history.