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Copper Contributor
Posts: 44
Registered: ‎02-10-2009

ROI Tracking - How do you do it

Would be interested in hearing how other users track their ROI for the various campaigns they setup.  We use MAS200 v4.30 and SalesLogix v7.50 and while we an extensive numbers of various types of campaigns setup we cannot get a true ROI because 1) there is no way to capture expense (other than manual entry, that's no fun) 2) Since we use kits in MAS extensively we cannot do quotes in SLX and turn them into orders in MAS due to the exploding kits issue.  So how does everyone else get their numbers into campaigns for ROI tracking?
Nickel Contributor
Posts: 57
Registered: ‎03-28-2009

Re: ROI Tracking - How do you do it

A) Requires that all opportunities have a valid CampaignID

B) Update the SalesOrder or Opportunity_Products table with fields desired for tracking Marketing$, Commission$, Cost$

C) Use TaskCentre, KnowledgeSync or VBScript to re-allocate monies to each product line item.

        1) For closed deals, divide the CampaignCost by the number of ClosedDeals. 

        2) Divide the weighted amount of the product line item amount by the total sale amount (% of sale), mulitply by the per Opportunity Marketing Cost, and assign to each product line item.

        3) We capture Commission$ and return product costs via Dynalink.


D) Profitability reports now can be run by product, product family, campaign, region, etc......


We have not, brought the Marketing $ from MAS into SLX but one could do so by GLCode linking.  For the most part, clients find it easier to key punch it in and because some have ongoing "campaigns" they assign a monthly amount.