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Tuned Listener
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Registered: ‎07-16-2009

Intellisync fails When web customization contain Extension tables

Hi All


I ran into this error and working on a work around, but wanted to see if any had come accross this.


SLX 7.5.3 web install.  AccountExt and ContactExt tables were used.  I beleive they were created many versions ago.


When the enitities to these tables exist in the VFS Intellisync runs into an error


ERROR Sage.Platform.DynamicMethod.DynamicMethodLibrary [(null)] - An error occurred executing a dynamic method
System.ArgumentException: Could not find the dynamic method CAccountExt.OnBeforeInsert. Check your method configuration to ensure that this method exists.


I am new to Web Development so I may have missed something, but it looked like it did exist.


This occurs when the Sync is set to Two way Sync and a new contact is created in Outlook.  The resulting behavoir is the initial sync will appear to add the contacts to SLX, but will only show an error in Event Viewer.  On the next sync Intellisync will not find the contact "it added" on the last sync and will attempt to Delete it from Outlook.


Any Assistance would be greatly appriciated.


Lorin Lybbert



Nickel Elite Contributor
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Registered: ‎04-13-2009

Re: Intellisync fails When web customization contain Extension tables



It seems to me that either your dynamicmethods.xml is not right or the core assemblies Sage.Entity.Interfaces/Sage.SalesLogix.Entities.dll are not getting deployed correctly to the intellisync portal. I would look to make sure that they are identical to the ones in your SalesLogix client web site and if not corrective action would to deploy the site. It is possible that under the <Portal>\Support Files\Bin some of these files exist. If they do I would delete them from there (as they are generated) and redeploy.