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Copper Super Contributor
Posts: 36
Registered: ‎04-08-2010

Intellisync XML Connector Error

End user reported a snyc error with Outlook using Intellisync this morning.  Intellisync is able to processes all his Outlook events then it attempts to 'finish' the transfer but the below error message is displayed before it completes. 


The error messages title: Intellisync XML Connector Error.  Message contents: Error connecting to server; check your username, password options and network status.   


End user is currently at 7.52 both SP installed.  This worked in the past for the end user using the same, password, username and network.  Nothing has changed on SLX or Exchange.  Other clients are still able to use Intellisync, connect to Exchange/SLX.


I tried the hot fix for the LAN client 4 and 6.  These seem to be the only two remotely apply to this issue.


I found a previous post about this same issue applying to 7.51.  They reported it as a bug.  I did not try the hot fix for this due to earlier version.


I have attempted to repair, uninstall, reinstall Intellisync to no avail.  User performed a reboot.  I have not uninstall/reinstalled the LAN client yet.  If you believe this is something worth trying I will attempt this.


Any other ideas or thoughts?  This seems like a bug weather than something the end user did or SLX/Exchange.


Thanks for any ideas or thoughts on this matter. 

Nickel Elite Contributor
Posts: 81
Registered: ‎04-13-2009

Re: Intellisync XML Connector Error

Is it possible that the users is loosing connectivity to the Intellisync Server. Is there anything in the eventlogs. It seems strange that the user can get through his sync and at the point of commit it is failing. What is the count of events that they are syncing and is there a possiblity of a timeout issue. Not also that the LAN client is not involved within Intellisync version 7.5 on.

Posts: 165
Registered: ‎03-03-2009

Re: Intellisync XML Connector Error

Could it possibly be a calendar item that is causing the problem?  Maybe enabling the Intellisync logging (including the server side logging) may provide some clue.  There is a knowledgebase article available on how to enable logging for Intellisync on the support site.

Loretta Carroll
QA Engineer