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Exchange Email Integration



Have a requirement that I'm looking for some insight from the community, looking at what solutions are out there.


Have a fairly large client that needs to record all inbound and outbound emails at the Exchange Server level.

In addition they need create a History record for all recipents on the Email.  Yes We have reccommend against this several times but each Rep processes in Excess of 500 emails per day and needs them all record in CRM, so it needs to be automated.


Knowledge Sync cannot do this.

I'm not sure about Task Center.


I'm leaning towards developing something custom using Exchange Web Services, or using CDO  or RDO ( Redemption Data Objects)


I'm wondering if someone out there has done something similar, I really don't want to reinvent the wheel.


Best Regards,


Scott Sommerfeldt



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Re: Exchange Email Integration

TaskCentre can do it

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