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Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎04-01-2009

Anyone using DQ Global's "Cleanse" for de-dupes

We are considering using DQ Global's Cleanse for Saleslogix product to help us keep duplicates out of our database.  I've downloaded the software and have a trial license.

Has anyone else tried this product?  

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Registered: ‎07-02-2009

Re: Anyone using DQ Global's "Cleanse" for de-dupes

I've not tried it, though I have had a play with QAS Unify and foudn it pretty easy
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Registered: ‎09-29-2009

Re: Anyone using DQ Global's "Cleanse" for de-dupes

In the event that you're still looking for a solution keep duplicates out of your SalesLogix db, I hope you've already found PowerEntry and Paribus for SalesLogix.  They are the solutions endorsed by Sage for duplicate avoidance and deduplicating Accounts and Contacts in SalesLogix.  You can find lots of info at, and I'm sure you can get references here on the forum.
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Registered: ‎06-23-2009

Re: Anyone using DQ Global's "Cleanse" for de-dupes

Hi Fraser1025,


  I had a hand personally in re-writing much of the bundles for this product (I mention this so you know my bias) but I can honestly say I believe it's one of the best dedupe products out there for SalesLogix.  The real advantage it has is that it all works inside SalesLogix via bundles, so there's no exporting and importing of data.  In fact that's crucial for some end users since they don't want sensitive data stored even temporarily outside their SQL or Oracle databse. 


  Many tools use pretty sophisticated algorithms to find matches and of course this one is no exception, however, one differentiating factor is the speed at which duplicate review can be carried out.  Because the review is done right in SalesLogix you have access to all your data even custom data to decide for those records which need human interventions.


  If you haven't looked at the bundles in a while there are new features in the 7.2 and 7.5 bundles which include the ability to include custom merge rules when duplicates are finally merged.  For example your organization might have some custom logic it wants to implement to decide who should be the account manager, or who should be the primary contact, or maybe updating opportunity owners, etc after the merge instead of just assuming the primary record is alway right.  The tool allows you to build custom merge steps for both pre and post merge processing. 


  Because identification, review and merge is so easy and painless, many Cleanse installations have perked up the attention of the Marketing department since importing lists and deduping has become incredibly simple.