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New Idea

Our customers LIVE in Outlook, like it or not. SendSLX and Record To History have become a competitive challenge.


We need "Outlook2CRM - like" integration (inclusive) which allows consultants (or even customers) to build work "processes" that spawn AFTER basic validation checks is the Contact in the database, No?, then help me add the contact and then continue with the process I started. Doing everything from one button (which it doesn't do) is not the answer.


Having to purchase a 3rd party add-on (as awesome as it is) is a show stopper in many deals. The other show stopper is the fact that we are being driven to the web, yet no new Outlook Integration was introduced to this new and advanced environment. 


The amount of time that someone who lives in Outlook has to spend dealing with these delinquencies is sginificant. 3rd Party or Interna. We need comprehensive Outlook integration. See Infusionsoft

Status: Accepted

Ability to log off all users

Status: Under Consideration
by Silver Contributor ‎10-30-2009 05:24 AM - edited ‎10-30-2009 07:40 AM

It would be great to avoid phone calls from users, to log off all users from slx with a short message.

I do not know if this is possible in web but it would be great to let the users know that you are doing something in the system which requires them to log off.

Or post some global message which can be seen by all users.

Something like this!!

Message Edited by apfingstl on 30.10.2009 03:40 PM
Status: Under Consideration
Good idea. Will research possibilities/limitations with dev. Thanks

With the release of Windows2008 R2 and the big push for 64 bit desktops/laptops it's time we have an option in the install that would give us 64 bit versions of all the SalesLogix applications. 


This does not have to be a "mixed" (32/64 bit) on a given system but should allow us to install either the 64 bit or the 32 bit on a given platform. What would be really nice is that it does an auto-discovery (this should be very easy) if the platform is 32 or 64 bit and "default" to the correct one. 

Status: Under Consideration
Our expectation is that you use SData for integration. We are considering a complete 64 bit web architecture stack.

This idea comes from Brian Jonas' post in another forum: 


Group Last Accessed Date
Many customers have upwards of 5,00 to 10,000 account/contact/opportunity groups. I just did a count and found that we (The Seattle Times Co) have 2,200 groups, with 1,470 of them being account groups. Group creation gets out of control due to users creating lists but seldom taking the time to delete old groups. The administrators can purge some lists but for most groups we dont know what can be safely deleted other than unshared lists created by retired users, and the ones the Administrators created.

In our implementation (v7.0.1), one serious impact of having so many groups is demonstrated whenever I log into the client as the Administrator. Since that login sees all the groups, it can take up to 5 minutes to open up to the list viewI cant imagine how long it takes other customers their groups!

In the CAB meeting I suggested that a field be added to the Architect that is a time stamp of the last date the group was accessed. That would really help us purge out the dead groups! There was a lot of vocal support to that suggestionI hope it is possible for Sage  to create.


Great idea Brian!

SLX & Gmail Integration

Status: Delivered in 8.1
by on ‎09-02-2010 05:21 PM

With the growth of Google Apps it would be very beneficial to have email and calendar integration with Gmail and Google Calendar.  Google is making a big push into the business world.  Many companies are adopting Gmail and ditching older industry standards for online alternatives.


Having some basic applications that allow SLX to integrate "Send SLX", "Record to History", and "Calendar Integration" would make a world of difference and not limit SLX to one primary email platform.


Is there progress in this area?  Do any third parties offer a currently available solution?

I don't care at all for the existing customer portal implementation. It never seems to be what my customers want. Instead of it being this separate application, they want it to be more "embeddable" into other existing customer websites they already have.


Having clear defined integration points for the customer portal and embeddable parts that could be used in other websites could make the customer portal far more attractive to support organizations. At minimum, having the base customer portal use themes or skins that could easily change it's look & feel would make it easier to at least look like the existing customer websites even if they are two separate websites. It would really be cool to even have the screens that make up the customer portal be reusable UserControls (or simple pages that one could load into frames).


Having the customer portal look like "SalesLogix" just isn't something that most companies want.

Due to multiple imports and the nature of our business, we have many, many duplicate contacts in our database.  Unfortunately, many have been entered with generic names - General Manger, etc. rather than given names.  It is a real pain to have to create a contact group for each account then merge through list view.  No, Parabus does not work for us in this area either.


What we would love is to be able to click on the Contact tabs while in the account screen, highlight two (or more) duplicates, and merge them right there.

SLX 8.1 Icons

Status: Delivered in 8.1
by Bronze Super Contributor on ‎02-08-2014 12:04 PM

Give each exe a different looking icon.  When they are all pinned to the taskbar having them all the same makes it harder to selection the one you want.  Guessing Vs. hoping the mouse hover enlightens you.

Inactive Contacts

Status: Under Consideration
by Astute Commentator on ‎01-17-2013 08:24 AM

I would like to see Inactive Contacts appear greyed out in the Account View Contact Tab. 

And when an email comes back in and we user Record to History (Ugh!) it should know enough to attach it to the Entity that sent it. Here's a great example of a broken process.


1. Send Email from a Ticket

2. Hit SendSLX

3. Message prompt has the Ticket selected

4. Message responded to by recipient

5. Hit Record to History

6. Prompt has not selected the ticket


Sure, I know I can go into the globals script and take this on a programming journey, but MS CRM touts some sort of embedded magic that automatically knows where to associate responses to outgoing emails -- and it's all included in the product! We need to be further down the road here even though we have access to best of bread alerting tools. So do they, they just don't need them as early in the solution design process.

Concurrent Licences

Status: New
by Copper Contributor on ‎06-04-2013 11:45 PM

When a customer has a concurrent licence there is no way of knowing if a single user is signed in more than once.


We would like to see in administrator the count reflecting not only amount of users (concurrent) signed in but a way of seeing if a user is logged in multiple times thus using more than one licence.


We have a customer who has this exact problem and if they do get close to using all of their concurrent licence the user count can show incorrectly.


Thank you


Paul Barnes

QGate Software Technical Support  

  • Move language setting from Browser setting to SLX user profile setting

Scenario: Customers in Europe want to use one browser to do the following:

  • set their browser to "local" lanaguage, e.g., German >> for genernal web browsing so sites appear in German
  • Log into SLX on same browser and see the "English" SLX translation label set >> as this is the business "language"


if you moved the SLX language to user profile setting (that either be set by Admin or via User preferences panel), then the above scenario would be possible. 

Status: Accepted

Request to have ability to select who see's which navigation bar icon and menu item without using code.  For consistency I think the best option would be to extend Role security in the Application Architect so that you could "Allow Role" to navigation bar icons and menu items the same way you assign a role to a new form.

Status: Delivered in 8.0
Partially implemented in 7.5.3 all entities wired in 8.0. Custom entities supported requires adding secured actions for each custom entity.

I recall having some great conversations with the Carson's.....Sullivan' al about how a real activity should be structured....circa 1997-2001.


We still need the following in 2010:


An address/location/location type and link to directions on where a meeting is going to be held.


Many meetings have ContactS at them, need a list of attendees\roles.....


Sales Calls are often about a 'sub' call on Wal-Mart or Home Depot and talk specifically about a store opening that isn't the HQ Account.


You often bring product samples to a meeting (productID, quantity, lot # and expiration date).


Literature pieces......


Sub Activities (the check list of items to discuss that themselves may need follow up/another meeting/someone else's involvement)....


you get the idea.....



A great design idea to add convenient and consistency to Sage SalesLogix Web application. Add the ability to Drag and Drop to the attachments tab of SalesLogix Web anywhere the attachments tab is found. 



  • Convenience – Users find this feature to be easy, allowing users to select one or multiple files at a time and dragging them into CRM.
  • Design Philosophy - this would mimic similar design philosophy of the History' tab's drag and drop feature, therefore keeping design interface for end users consistent.


On a side note, it would also be interesting to have the ability to right-click a file and send it to the attachments area of SLX using Window’s Send To feature:

  • Send to -> SLX Contact
  • Send to -> SLX Account
  • Send to -> SLX Opportunity
Status: Partially Implemented
Drag and Drop, drag files to attachment tab, drag email to history tab, drag file to library implemented in current web client. Drag from and Send to under consideration.

I'm a recent convert to Sage E-marketing, on 7.5.3 Lan & Web. However, when converting a lead over to a contact, the e-marketing history is lost. It would be great to preserve this, so that the entire history of the contact is maintained.  This is certainly the case when merging up with an existing contact - I'll be checking the next one where the contact didn't previously exist.


Toolbar in the Web

Status: Delivered in 8.0
by Copper Contributor on ‎05-11-2011 01:29 PM

The toolbar at the top of the screen (which has a Save button, record navigation buttons, undo, delete etc.) should be in a static frame and not affected by scrolling.


On computers with lower resolutions it is annoying to have to scroll to up to navigate through records.


See attached


Active filters for SalesLogix Web

Status: Delivered in 8.0
by ‎01-28-2011 07:49 AM - edited ‎01-28-2011 09:35 AM

I plan to create a series of Webinars on all my mods but since this seems to be a hot topic I thought I would just get it up here now. This mod will show you what filters you have turned on. You can click on the filter name and it will expand or close the filter group. Right now it will not respect the clearing of a filter but I'm hoping we get the event soon so I can update the code to repect that change.


Active Filters


Download from Git



Give users the option on whether they use split view or full page view

Status: Accepted
by Copper Contributor ‎07-31-2014 03:02 AM - edited ‎07-31-2014 03:02 AM

In SalesLogix 8.0, Sage changed the layout of the main detail screens. Previously, where you were given a single page with a scroll bar, now you're given a static "detail" view at the top of the screen while your tabs reside underneath.

Although this may be seen by some as a favourable change, we're finding that this decission is proving unpopular with customers because of the way the tabs are now "squashed" at the bottom of the screen. Previously, they enjoyed the ability to view a single page of (for instance) contact information and to scroll up and down at their leisure depending on the data they needed to see.

Although they can use the "minimise" button at the top of the screen, the ability to do this is unpopular because it adds an extra click and hides off additional info that previously, they only had to scroll to the top to view.

Adding an option to allow users to choose between which view they'd like to use would be ideal.

(To clarify, by split view I mean the split between main information at the top and tab information at the bottom. I'm not referring to the LAN client split view where you can view details and group info on the same screen.)

Status: Accepted

The replace data maintenance function was very useful in the LAN client for modifying a lot of data at once based on groups. The function is missing in the WEB client.


Thank you.


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