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New Idea

A great design idea to add convenient and consistency to Sage SalesLogix Web application. Add the ability to Drag and Drop to the attachments tab of SalesLogix Web anywhere the attachments tab is found. 



  • Convenience – Users find this feature to be easy, allowing users to select one or multiple files at a time and dragging them into CRM.
  • Design Philosophy - this would mimic similar design philosophy of the History' tab's drag and drop feature, therefore keeping design interface for end users consistent.


On a side note, it would also be interesting to have the ability to right-click a file and send it to the attachments area of SLX using Window’s Send To feature:

  • Send to -> SLX Contact
  • Send to -> SLX Account
  • Send to -> SLX Opportunity
Status: Partially Implemented
Drag and Drop, drag files to attachment tab, drag email to history tab, drag file to library implemented in current web client. Drag from and Send to under consideration.

UAC Fully Supported

Status: Partially Implemented
by Bronze Super Contributor on ‎07-26-2011 03:24 AM

Not really an idea however was advised to post it here.


Can we get full support for UAC to be enabled, we have seen numerous issues when UAC is left on and whilst some smaller environments are happy to have this disabled, more and more larger clients are requesting the ability to have UAC fully supported.




Craig Frayne

Status: Partially Implemented
Mail client and attach remote are not compatible and are under consideration. All other areas are compatible.

In our organisation we use the leads area quite heavily but importing of leads the function is limited to one or two users so all lists for import can be vetted before import for data integrity. The tool allows you to specify an owner but not an account manager and takes the account manager from the user importing the leads which does not work for our organisation due to the import function being centralised. The added limitation in the leads entity of not being able to realign territories or mass replace data on means that you cannot correct these misallocations of account managers.


It would be really useful (at a minimum) to have the ability to nominate the account manager during the import process function. The best solution would be to have the ability to allocate account managers to individual records in the csv file which you could then map during the import process to account managers in Saleslogix (much the same as the import wizard allows you to do).


Status: Partially Implemented
8.0 will allow for bulk update of account manager.

Quick GUI cleanups

Status: Partially Implemented
by Silver Contributor on ‎07-25-2012 01:35 PM

1. Each Mainview icon tool bar should remain at the top....the rest of the detail, middle pane, tabs should roll\scroll below it...


2. Adding a Caption to a grid shouldn't add another 'caption' bar.....simply used the records count bar for the caption and stop wasting space. BTW if you add a caption to a 2nd grid that's underneath the first gird the spacing is inadequate between the bottom of the first grid and the top of the caption bar.


3. Tab from  tool bars we need better control over horizontal spacing......put a picklist control in the center section toolbar for a clearer picture of this.....or add 3 + signs to the right side toolbar.


And why in the AA can't we move a toolbar item\ button to a different section? Cut, Paste, a move arrow, change a property......but deleting and rebuilding a button is a time waster......pass.

Lookup Condition

Status: Partially Implemented
by Nickel Contributor on ‎11-14-2011 12:41 PM

When you add a Lookup Control to a SalesLogix Web quickform, it seems to always default to a "CONTAINS" condition.


Many customers have asked us to change this so it defaults to a "Starting With" condition. However it looks like this change is not possible(?)


A CONTAINS condition is more expensive on the SQL server as well, especially if you lookup on a larger text field.


It would be handy if this was customizable in code so that the default condition can be set programmatically. I know it seems like a minor request, but its all about streamlining workflow and improving the user experience with the product and little things like this do matter!




Status: Partially Implemented
There is a user option to set entity lookup default value in V8.
To make Exchange Link more user friendly, the ability to group or sort on Contacts/Activities/To-Do's could be added.  This would really help if you have a lot of links.
Status: Partially Implemented
You can group on link type by selecting any of the nav bar items "Contacts, Activities, To-Do"s" If this does not address your concern can you please outline your use case.

Group Lookup

Status: Partially Implemented
by Bronze Super Contributor on ‎03-15-2012 01:58 PM

If the result of a Group Lookup contains one record; open the detail for the record instead of making the user select the single returned record.

Status: Partially Implemented
In 8.0 doing a lookup while in a detail view keeps you in the detail view and doesn't switch to list view.

SalesLogix Web User selector

Status: Partially Implemented
by on ‎03-05-2012 03:30 AM

Lead assignment


When you re-assigns the lead from one user to another for companies with lots of users this is time consuming.

Of the folders which are shown a good idea would be to have a fav. Folder where users could drag team members or key individuals into the folder for quicker access.

Status: Partially Implemented
In 8.0 user look ups can be filtered and sorted similiar to other standard look ups. Personalization will be considered as a feature for a later release.

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