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Toolbar in the Web

Status: Delivered in 8.0
by Copper Contributor on ‎05-11-2011 01:29 PM

The toolbar at the top of the screen (which has a Save button, record navigation buttons, undo, delete etc.) should be in a static frame and not affected by scrolling.


On computers with lower resolutions it is annoying to have to scroll to up to navigate through records.


See attached


Request to have ability to select who see's which navigation bar icon and menu item without using code.  For consistency I think the best option would be to extend Role security in the Application Architect so that you could "Allow Role" to navigation bar icons and menu items the same way you assign a role to a new form.

Status: Delivered in 8.0
Partially implemented in 7.5.3 all entities wired in 8.0. Custom entities supported requires adding secured actions for each custom entity.

Active filters for SalesLogix Web

Status: Delivered in 8.0
by ‎01-28-2011 07:49 AM - edited ‎01-28-2011 09:35 AM

I plan to create a series of Webinars on all my mods but since this seems to be a hot topic I thought I would just get it up here now. This mod will show you what filters you have turned on. You can click on the filter name and it will expand or close the filter group. Right now it will not respect the clearing of a filter but I'm hoping we get the event soon so I can update the code to repect that change.


Active Filters


Download from Git



My users might be finding difficulty with this because we just converted from the LAN version to the web version.  But, when inserting a new contact/account/opportunity, users are able to navigate away from the Insert page without being prompted to save.  Sometimes they are in the middle of adding something and then get pulled away and have to come back.  They may forget what they are in the middle of and when they navigate away, they lose all of their information.  I think if a user navigates away from the Insert page, they should be prompted or notified that they will lose data if they continue.

I hate when I have to locate a ticket activity I just barely got through adding in the web client. I just got through adding it, but I have to still page through pages and pages of activities looking for it. The ticket activities grid doesn't appear to have any kind of default sort to the data. It's not even in database order. To make it worse, I cannot click on the date column to sort the entries by the date so I get my new entry at the first or end of the list.


This sort of stuff is way to common in the web client and it makes me hate to use it.


Please, add a meaningful default to any and all grids in the client. If it is a list of data of some kind, there will be some reasonable way users will expect to see it sorted (usually by some kind of date value). Also, I realize that it takes several more clicks to make the columns sortable as well (we work in the same set of tools too), but please make the effort to ensure that grids are sortable in the client. 




Status: Delivered in 8.0
Each grid is now scrollable, each grid can now be sorted by column and each grid now has a default sort order. Each grid will save its personalized state across sessions using local storage.

We've had a few requests for the ability to edit leads en masse. In SLX, you are able to replace data on accounts and on contacts when you have them open in a certain group but currently this functionality does not exist for leads. Working on this idea, you are able to realign territories for accounts but you can't realign an account manager for leads other than going in to them one-by-one and changing them.


Some functionality to bring the ability to work with leads on a large scale would be great in a new version.

OK you've already heard (or read) that the new java script Notes-History forms do NOT persist the user's carefully selected filters between simply throws them all away.


I made it clear at Boot Camp that my customer's aren't interested in this lack of basic behavior in an 8.0 upgrade NOR in the new Activity java Scipt tabs coming in 8.0.....


So here's the ideaLogix......


Persist the User......and store them locally or in the database. You need to be able to add additional filters to the form, and persist those as well.....maybe it's a SQL statement that gets stored in the UserID, by EntityName....


Basically the user goes after Contact History records one way.....Ticket History another......Opportunity.....and so forth. They carefully craft the values for the filters to answer their questions......... we should honor their work by persisting their efforts....not throwing away the work.....


Make sense???

Status: Delivered in 8.0
Implemented in 8.0 for all filterable scrolling grids. Which includes Activities, Notes/History, and Attachments.

Lead Mail Merge Template OOTB

Status: Delivered in 8.0
by Employee on ‎02-06-2012 02:25 AM

We need to supply a Lead Mail Merge Template OOTB and in Eval.


It always catches people out as they can't figure out how to Mail Merge to Leads as it is greyed out until a Template based on the LEAD table is created.


Simple, but would stop that question.

The Filter functionality in the Web Client is very useful, however it is far too easy to switch a filter on and then forget it is on, and it sometimes behaves strangely. For instance, a filter can be enabled on the database where you are filtering accounts only from the African continent, the problem is, there is no visual indication that you have enabled this filter so can lead to some confusion.


It would be great if there was some visual representation of what you are filtering.

Hide Inactive Lead Source

Status: Delivered in 8.0
by on ‎04-12-2012 07:52 AM

In the web version (7.5), you can change the status of a Lead Source to Inactive, but when a user clicks the find button to look up a lead source, they see all active and inactive.  There is only one search option - to search by description, status or (something else I can't remember).  But, you can't search for Status AND description.  If you search be description, you get all statuses.  My users don't want to see Inactive items and I don't want them to pick them. The end user should not be able to see Inactive items and Status should be removed from the search.  If I want them to choose an inactive item, I will make it active and it will appear in their list.

Status: Delivered in 8.0
Lead lookup items in 8.0 are name, company, city, state, work phone, e-mail, and owner. As with other lookups multiple search criteria is available (i.e. name starts with A, company = Sage, etc)

I'd like to see the Web Client automatically save users modifications made to column width settings and columns sorts.  Not having to redo the same same column width and sorts every time the users logon would save time.


So right now the mobile client just opens google maps in a web browser when running the "showMapForAddress" function. It sure would be nice if it opened the native mapping application. I already use this, but it would be nice if it was included in the stock mobile client.


showMapForAddress: function(address) {
            if (navigator.userAgent.match(/ (android) /))
                window.location.href = String.format("geo:0,0?q={0}", address);
            else if (navigator.userAgent.match(/ (iphone|ipod|ipad) /))
                window.location.href = String.format("maps:q={0}", address);
            else   // web browser
                window.location.href = String.format("{0}", address);        

 This just does a browser check and returns a hyperlink accordingly. If you're on Android it will open your default mapping application (normally Google Maps, but you can change it to be another App). If you're on iOS it opens the google maps application. And if you're on neither it just redirects you to google maps as normal.

If you are on an insert screen, like the insert lead screen, type in a bunch of information and then surf to another page.  There is no warning and your data is lost.


Add a warning like the detail forms have when surfing away from the form without saving.

Get rid of the Sage customer satisfaction survey in web

Status: Delivered in 8.0
by Copper Contributor ‎09-21-2011 06:18 AM - edited ‎09-21-2011 07:27 AM

We have been receiving complaints from nearly all of our web customers about the Sage Customer Satisfaction survey. They are saying that it's intrusive and unprofessional. They would expect this out of a freeware product but not  in a fully paid for and advanced CRM system like SLX.


Disabling this survey is quite a straight forward task but should we have to? Is there no other way of garning customer opinion of SalesLogix other that flashing a pop-up? Even when told not to ask again, it seems to rear its head again some months down the line.

Status: Delivered in 8.0
Moving towards opt in user profiling.

Hide Hidden Fields

Status: Delivered in 8.0
by Copper Contributor on ‎08-24-2011 06:19 AM

When creating Groups in the Web, there is an option to Hide Hidden Fields.  Surely this should  be "Show Hidden Fields" by default?  If an Administrator sets a field to "hidden", the user shouldn't then have to click "Hide Hidden Fields" to actually hide it!


My reason for this is the Group Builder can be daunting for a new user, there are so many tables and fields. Most of the fields are not used, so it would be very useful to hide the unused fields and them be hidden by default to make this screen more user friendly.

Josh DeLapp from SalesLogix Support here at Sage Summit, with Sue Menton of Sodexo.


They would like to add in functionality to the Send to Slx process that would allow them to decide on a file-by-file basis if items embedded in an e-mail are recorded as an attachment in SalesLogix.


For example, when recording an e-mail to History, the e-mail might contain a spreadsheet, a PDF, and a JPG that is simply the user's signature. When recording to History, a dialog box would pop up that would say, "This e-mail contains the following attachments. Select the ones to be recorded as an attachment in SalesLogix." You would then select the ones that you want.


Currently, they are seeing a lot of sync overhead because users record almost all e-mails to History, and this is flooding their attachment folder with JPGs and other small files that are part of the e-mail but that don't really need to be kept.

Status: Delivered in 8.0

The Outlook Add-In as part of Desktop Integration includes the option to ignore specific file types and sizes.


I could be wrong in the SLX version it was delivered in.

I can only add new Contacts to an Opportunity. I need to be able to add existing Contacts as well.


Ideally, i would also like to be able to select a Contact record on Opportunity entry.


Scenario 1: Create a new Opportunity from a Contact record. The contact record you were in is added to the Opportunity but you can only add additional new Contacts to the Opportunity


Scenario 2: Create a new Opportunity from an Account record. I cannot add a Contact at Oppo entry. Once the Opportunity has been created, i can only add new Contacts to the Opportunity- not link to an existing opportunity.


Scenario 3: An existing Opportunity. I want to add an additional Contact (having just found out the Decision Maker, 3rd Party Consultant etc). I can create them as a new record but I cannot add them if they already exist in my SLX database.

(7.5.x web) 

When the lookup dialog is invoked from a lookup control such as the Contact field on the Ticket Detail screen users can only search by a single field.


What a lot of our customers with larger data sets want is the ability to specify search criteria on multiple fields - as is provided in the "MainView Lookup" accessed by right clicking the NavBar.


Customers upgrading from the legacy web platform miss the "advanced lookup" functionality.


Has anyone overcome this?  If not can it be included in SP3 / v8? 

Security on Export To Excel

Status: Delivered in 8.0
by Copper Contributor on ‎05-02-2011 02:49 PM

Our clients especially in the financial area need standard SLX security for the export to excel feature so that users only authorized users can export data from saleslogix. The export feature already exists, so hopefully there is a way to wrap the Role based security around it in the web client to achieve this.

Status: Delivered in 8.0
Security can be configured using secured action.

Could we have the ability to roll out both intellisync and the desktop manager so they can be installed for users who have locked down desktops.





Status: Delivered in 8.0
Allows deployment to the power user policy.

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