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Can the Sage SalesLogix Desktop Manager please add the feature of using Windows Authentication.


For larger deployments, there is a way to push out MSI files however this only gets us 50% of the way. Users still have to configure the desktop manager. In many environments that use Windows Authentication, users have no idea what their SalesLogix username and password is.


It would really help if this feature was added.

When i look at one of the history tabs in my SLX web 7.5.3 all of the records display the handshake icon regardless of whether they are meetings, emails, letters etc.. – phone calls and to-do’s are OK.


When i look at this info, i should be easily able to identify what types of interactions have taken place.

To make it worse, if i produce a letter via mail merge, the history type is meeting. This makes letters look as if they have been face to face meetings - very confusing. 

The Account Timeline has different icons for each activity - it would be useful if these we used in History as well.

Sage needs to upgrade the version of Crystal Report it uses.  Most clients don't like the restriction on using Windows 2003 for the Web Reporting Server.

The desktop integration manager should allow you to have complete Outlook integration in the same way that the SLX LAN email integration does. There is however a problem with running desktop integration manager on a Citrix server that has multiple users. When sending a mail merge in the software, SLX requires Word and Outlook to be closed. The problem is that if it's on a Citrix server, SLX requires ALL instances to be shut. Even instances on different user/login accounts.


This severely hinders the capability of the desktop integration manager and SalesLogix web as the LAN client is absolutely fine with this.

Status: Delivered in 7.5.4

This will be part of 7.5.4 Web Update 06 and rolled up in Version 8.0

There is no way to move the dynamic files created by Exchangelink from the OS drive.  Writing to the OS is unacceptable in many corporate environments. 

Status: Delivered in 7.5.4

Editing the registry should only be performed by Administrators who are comfortable working with registry settings.


To move Exchange Link files

1.            If Exchange Link is already running as a service, stop the Exchange Link service.

2.            Open your registry editor.



Sage strongly recommends backing up the registry before making any modifications.

3.            Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SalesLogix\Exchange Link.

4.            To change the location for link files:

1.            Right-click in the right pane, point to New and click String Value.

2.            Rename the new string LinksFolder.

3.            Double-click LinksFolder and set the Value data to the new location.

For example, D:\MyExchangeLink\LinksFolder


You cannot set the path to the C:\ directory root.

5.            To change the location for log files:


If you change the location of the link files, but do not change the location of the log files, then the log files will be stored in a "Logs" subfolder under the location you specified for the link files in step 4.

For example, D:\MyExchnageLink\LinksFolder\Logs

1.            Right-click in the right pane, point to New and click String Value.

2.            Rename the new string LogsFolder.

3.            Double-click LogsFolder and set the Value data to the new location.

For example, D:\MyExchangeLink\LogsFolder


You cannot set the path to the C:\ directory root.

6.            Click OK and close the registry editor.

7.            If necessary, copy any existing log files or link files from the old location to the new location.

8.            If you stopped the Exchange Link service in step 1, restart the service.

ERP Link Setup

Status: Delivered in 7.5.4
by Nickel Contributor on ‎04-22-2011 03:38 PM

I have some suggestions about the ERPLink setup wizard (the one you run from within the SalesLogix Client).


a) On the Customer Template Maintenance Screen (and other related screens) the fields that are required should be marked as required (maybe with a * sign). Typically a SalesLogix Business Partner has to gather this information from the MAS Business Partner and its useful to know which fields are needed.


b) After defining a template, you have to click on the Users button and select which users are assigned the template. A "Select All" button is sorely lacking here. I'm currently setting up ERPLink for a customer that has over 40 users and I'm having to go through each template and click on the checkbox next to each of the 40 users names.....several times over. Very painful!



Anosh Wadia

Status: Delivered in 7.5.4
This was delivered as part of ERP Link 3.0.1 HF3

Submitted for Lincoln Financial by John Gariepy:


LFA manually adds various fields to the Account & Contact Lookup By dropdown via the backend so their users can complete Lookups based on their workflow.  They would like to be able to add fields to the Lookup By dropdown via the front end and have these additional fields be available in the Lookup By dropdown for all subsequent Lookups instead of being limited by to current default lookup layout fields.

Status: Delivered in 7.5.4
User has option to define a lookup layout and manage columns as desired.

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