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Our customers LIVE in Outlook, like it or not. SendSLX and Record To History have become a competitive challenge.


We need "Outlook2CRM - like" integration (inclusive) which allows consultants (or even customers) to build work "processes" that spawn AFTER basic validation checks is the Contact in the database, No?, then help me add the contact and then continue with the process I started. Doing everything from one button (which it doesn't do) is not the answer.


Having to purchase a 3rd party add-on (as awesome as it is) is a show stopper in many deals. The other show stopper is the fact that we are being driven to the web, yet no new Outlook Integration was introduced to this new and advanced environment. 


The amount of time that someone who lives in Outlook has to spend dealing with these delinquencies is sginificant. 3rd Party or Interna. We need comprehensive Outlook integration. See Infusionsoft

Status: Accepted
  • Move language setting from Browser setting to SLX user profile setting

Scenario: Customers in Europe want to use one browser to do the following:

  • set their browser to "local" lanaguage, e.g., German >> for genernal web browsing so sites appear in German
  • Log into SLX on same browser and see the "English" SLX translation label set >> as this is the business "language"


if you moved the SLX language to user profile setting (that either be set by Admin or via User preferences panel), then the above scenario would be possible. 

Status: Accepted

Give users the option on whether they use split view or full page view

Status: Accepted
by Copper Contributor ‎07-31-2014 03:02 AM - edited ‎07-31-2014 03:02 AM

In SalesLogix 8.0, Sage changed the layout of the main detail screens. Previously, where you were given a single page with a scroll bar, now you're given a static "detail" view at the top of the screen while your tabs reside underneath.

Although this may be seen by some as a favourable change, we're finding that this decission is proving unpopular with customers because of the way the tabs are now "squashed" at the bottom of the screen. Previously, they enjoyed the ability to view a single page of (for instance) contact information and to scroll up and down at their leisure depending on the data they needed to see.

Although they can use the "minimise" button at the top of the screen, the ability to do this is unpopular because it adds an extra click and hides off additional info that previously, they only had to scroll to the top to view.

Adding an option to allow users to choose between which view they'd like to use would be ideal.

(To clarify, by split view I mean the split between main information at the top and tab information at the bottom. I'm not referring to the LAN client split view where you can view details and group info on the same screen.)

Status: Accepted

XBar - Windows Authentication

Status: Accepted
by Bronze Super Contributor on ‎07-02-2014 04:25 AM

We need to have Windows authentication for XBar, if as we do you have customers who ONLY use Windows Authentictaion then this is a problem, Windows authentication is nowadays either on or off, therefore without Windows Authentication support for Xbar, it will require additional portals setting up for SLX authentication.


Can you please make XBar compatible with Windows Authentication.




Status: Accepted

SLX 8 WEB - display more than 4 calendars

Status: Accepted
by Bronze Super Contributor on ‎12-16-2013 03:25 AM



Our customers would like to display more than 4 calendars. Like it was possible in LAN.


Right now you get:

"Sorry, you cannot view more than 4 calendars (including your own) at one time.
Clear one of the currently-selected calendars and try again."


Of course at some point you can't display the appointment details anymore.
But just a line of color is enough to see if the user has an appointment or not.

You could always hover over or open it to see the details.


Thank you.




Status: Accepted

If you use the Xbar and you look at the Opportunities for a contact that has just emailed. It will show you all open opportunities for the account, so some of the opportunities aren't even related to the contact.

When you have an account that has loads of opportunities but the one contact actually has two, you then have to click all the opportunities just to find the two that you want.

Swiftpage have said this is functioning as designed but this is clearly not as you do not get all opportunities for accounts on contact level when you use the Web Client or the Network Client.





Status: Accepted

Desktop Manager Update Check

Status: Accepted
by Nickel Contributor on ‎05-22-2014 10:08 AM

With SLX v8.1 Web Model Update 02 being released any customer who applies this update needs to have every end user update their SalesLogix Desktop Manager.


This is a major pain point for large saleslogix implementations. The whole reason these customers go to the web is so that they don't have to install software!


With that being said, I think a decent workaround would be if the desktop manager had the ability to check the portal URL and determine if an updated version of the Desktop Manager setup is available to download and prompt the user accordingly. At least this way it makes it a lot easier for end users to get the latest version.




Status: Accepted

Back in SalesLogix 7.2.2 LAN there was a feature when using the main view "find" button to lookup accounts; when you start typing, a list of previously visited accounts would display, example image linked. 

In SalesLogix 8.1 LAN the previously visited records dont show when using find any more. It would be nice to have this functionality returned.


Status: Accepted

Sage xRM

Status: Accepted
by Copper Contributor on ‎09-18-2012 09:50 AM

Remove opportunities, leads, tickets, defects, sales orders, reports and leave only a basic account entity with notes-history, attachments, activities, and calendar, possibly contacts if the mail merge functionality cannot be extracted from requiring a contact..


Market it as Sage xRM and include the API tools for a lower cost of entry - also allowing customers to build exactly what they need with the great Sage Saleslogix API and no frills or existing workflow blocking the way. 


xRM is not just for customer relationship management, its just plain relationship management.


You could sell each entity as an add-on bundle for those that want that.


This is just brainstorming here, and I wasn't sure where else this recommendation might be appropriate, but its a tactic for an alternative marketing approach that might bring in additional customers attracted to lower cost of entry.


Status: Accepted

A Saleslogix Professional version (aka Black Diamond) is being created. It will have all of the same entities but is technologically limited (e.g., multi-tenant cloud, no customizations, no direct access to server, etc.). Attempts at stripping down the functionality ended up breaking the product as it's all intertwined.

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XBar Open Ticket Criteria

Status: Accepted
by Skilled Commentator on ‎09-15-2014 04:22 PM

The XBar allows you to see if the contact has open tickets, and if yes, to see the list of those open tickets and maintain those tickets, in XBar.  Excellent!


In the Saleslogix Windows and Web client, the criteria for the groups of open tickets is status <> "closed", which is correct to me.  However, the criteria in XBar seems to be status = "open", as it does not show "in progress" or other status values we have added to the pick list.  So many open tickets we consider open don't show up in the XBar.


My request, at a minimum, is the open ticket criteria in XBar be changed to match the ticket groups, where status <> "closed".


(Beyond that, ideas that come to mind are: (a) Allow the selection of a group to be used as the criteria or otherwise allow modification of the criteria, (b) Option to list all open tickets for the account that the contact is under.)

Status: Accepted

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