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Public holidays for SalesLogix

Status: New
by Copper Contributor ‎10-03-2014 03:37 AM - edited ‎10-03-2014 03:38 AM

A way to manage public holidays in SalesLogix would be fantastic.


As it's possible to set business operating hours on each office and whether they work weekends it should also be possible to specify when that office takes its public holidays.


An option should exist on this setting called "Automatically book as personal activity in the calendar of affected users?" When this option is enabled, a personal activity with the holiday name is automatically populated in each user’s calendar that's a member of that particular office.


As well as the automatic activity, the "Needed By" field on tickets should take bank holidays in to account (as well as weekends if the box is enabled).


Two business cases to back this:


1. We at DMC as well as many other organisations rely heavily on the SalesLogix calendar to manage diaries of engineers, consultants, trainers etc. Right now, all staff have to manually insert public holidays on to their own respective SalesLogix calendars to show they're unavailable during that time and to prevent being booked accidentally. It's a very manual process to do this.


2. We also use the ticket entity and the "Needed By" date field on tickets to manage our SLA. At the moment, it's not taking bank holidays in to account. So often the needed by date falls on a bank holiday which then pushes tickets out of SLA and our SLA reports are thrown off completely. When we run an SLA report, we need to see instances where tickets are actually out of SLA and not have to look up a holiday calendar and manually go through them, excusing all those that fall on a bank holiday.


I have been asked on three separate occasions by customers that operate in a service type industry whether tickets and SLA's take public holidays in to account. When I tell them there's no provision for this at all in SalesLogix, they see it as a bit of an oversight and ask if this type of thing can be implemented.


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