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Although mentioned in my other Activity Update post, this one is a standalone idea because its bigger than a single activity.


You have 1 activity, and it consists of 8 different sub activities.....You walk into 1 customer, and sell them 8 different product Lines.....each with different Opportunities, products, literature samples, etc...... what this really is is a sales call for multiple vendors. A Manufacturer's Rep, Consultant, sales agent, etc. sell items from different vendors at one meeting. Each of the Vendor's wants to know what have you done for me much face time have you spent with their important customer's pushing Their Opportunities further down the pipeline.


The one meeting is changed from Tuesday AM to Wednesday PM and in SLX Today you have to change 8 activities....for the ONE sales call.


A Mfg Rep might have 5 calls in a day....representing a few Dozen Product Lines.....well, you get the picture. When you go visit a big customer for one call, you actually might have meetings with different contacts for different tasks.....advertising, product placement, defectives\returns, credit and collections, another product line.....


If the sub activities were automatically rescheduled based on changing the master activity (new start time + preceding sub activities durations = new start time)....

if their was an implied or explicit Sort order (the call sequence, prioritized list of which topics to discuss) other than time, so much the better (To Do's might not have a time, and you might go through these time permitting at the end of a call). Definite sub activities include Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast.....Tee Times, Ball Game, et al.....each with their own list of Contacts, agenda, literature and products needed, Vendor/Reseller being discussed......


Route Sales'men' would love this....because the Monday or 2nd Fiscal Tuesday sales call activity list could simply be copied over to different users/calendars, etc.


And Crystal Reports can now report BY VENDOR and answer the simple question: What Have you been doing for MY LINE lately?



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