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Cancel means Cancel to a user.

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by Silver Contributor on ‎07-20-2010 07:13 AM

Just went through a development project on the LAN for true cancellability in inserting\editing\deleting a PRODUCT record and 3 related tables (ProductProgram, custom ProductSubstitute, and custom ProductBOM). No records in any of the database tables (yes and Especially including SITEKEYS) is changed from form launch to form closing Unless the user clicks on the OK button and passes a set of validity tests. No control is databound, no grid is refreshed from the database once loaded (correct, a caption sort would throw away all user changes in the local grid recordset that hasn't been committed....caption sorts make a round trip to the database to sort!).


what became a stumbling block to normal SLX coding practices was a mover grid of 1,000's of potential records. A mover grid is where you click on the 'arrow' buttons to move\copy All, move\copy selected from the left to the right grid and vice versa. We kept creating thousands of new ID's, inserting thousands of records, updating their indexes....only to have the user delete 300 or so rows 1 second later. And all of this took TIME, lots of time. The bottom line came when grid sorts proved painfully slow....the whole insert \ delete process took way too long...and yes there are Billions of Q based SiteKeys ID values to be generated but even those take time even in batches of N new ID's per table.....only to throw away the work.


We need a 'systematic' approach to the saving of updates, inline edits, deletes, inserts.....and the user's ability to UNDO an error through clicking on our Cancel button, hitting the Esc key, or clicking on the 'X' in the upper right hand corner of a form window......not only for launched as mainview object data forms.....but Tabs and the Main Detail View's as well. And the whole subsystem world of perplexing recordset based database changes that aren't truly 100% cancellable: Add New Contact Account, Product (that ProductPackages stuff is whacky, hence our ProductBOM (Bill of Materials) approach), Opportunity Product, and any grid on a form.


I've got a 'road map'\design guide on my efforts...maybe this is a Boot Camp kind of thing.....maybe I try the new 'Attachment' feature...


Bottom Line: Cancel means cancel....nothing changed in the database. Period.

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