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SLX Mobile Hash Queries with Property based Queries need to be User Friendly

Status: New
by Silver Contributor on ‎12-11-2011 08:10 AM

I'm liking this:

#!(AccountName like ‘Abbott%’)


#!(Type like ‘%Cust%’)

This too:

#!(AccountName like ‘Abbott%’ and Type like ‘%cust%’)

However the queries need to be  LOCALIZED Display name based (User Friendly), not simply Property Based (Programmer Friendly) (I'm assuming you want # queries to be used by User's correct? or is that not their purpose?)

#!(AccountNameDisplayName like 'Abbott%')
#!(TypeDisplayName like '%Cust%')
This too:
#!(AccountNameDisplayName like 'Abbott%' and TypeDisplayName like '%cust%')

And maybe the spaced display names need to be in " " or [ ] to handle spaces in Display Names.

This should NOT be by sData Entity Property...

ALSO is this going to be a SQL Injection Security breach? Anytime I  see non-parameterized SQL Server Queries you scare the heck out of me.....

by Gold Super Contributor
on ‎12-11-2011 03:33 PM

The query setup (in the mobile web) is based completely on the SData Query specs. However,  the latest changes in the dojo code (still not yet beta ;-)  have a"hooks" that let you implement your own Where Clause query bypass/shortcuts... (not talking hash tags here.. but the "back end where they get processed). Just remember, it all has to finally become pure SData query based.


Do you really want to have yet another query processor.. w/another syntax?

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