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Caching, SLXMobile, and MY stuff

Status: New
by Silver Contributor on ‎10-29-2011 08:01 AM

wondering out loud if we need a throttle limited\governor and what is \ isn't cached on my iPhone. Yep, shades of Subscription rules and the Synch Process. I don't want a 5Gb database on my Android device.....but MyContacts, MyAccounts, MyOpportunities, MyTickets? You betcha.


You probably can't 'write' to the cache\database if not connected to the web (too much like a disconnected Remote client).....but at least you can browse through your My records at 30000 feet or on a Caribean island.

by Gold Super Contributor
on ‎10-29-2011 08:45 AM

If you use it in an Activity/calendar centric mode (and have some of the newer "un-official" features), it is really great! 


If you are doing a lot of Account/Contact/(name your entity) lookups Mobile Web gets (almost) unusable  immediately. It definitely needs to be "Subscription based". Subscription management must be available at the individual level ON the mobile device (of course you must be able to disable it too from a central location) and also via  "mass central management").


 With a small number of Accounts/Contacts/etc... it's ok as is. BUT as soon as you get into a typical customer situation all bets are off.


NOTE: You can customize and restrict data right now.. but it's not easily done on a user by user basis. Everyone gets the same set of conditions.

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