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Bronze Super Contributor
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Registered: ‎02-22-2010

sdata Error ... Please Help

Hi all, 


When i try to post some sample xml using mozilla restclient plugin to sdata method using post method i got the following error. Could any please help


this is the sample xml i posted



<entry xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:sdata="" xmlns:slx="" xmlns="">


<slx:AccountName >Test</slx:AccountName>
 <slx:AccountNameUpper xsi:nil="true" />






But i am getting below metioned error



  • <sdata&colon;diagnosis>
  • <sdata&colon;severity>error</sdata&colon;severity>
  • <sdata&colon;sdataCode>ResourceKindNotFound</sdata&colon;sdataCode>
  • <sdata&colon;applicationCode>source=SDataExceptionDiagnoses; exceptionKind=BaseException; exceptionSource=Sage.Platform; exceptionType=Sage.Common.Syndication.DiagnosesException; slxErrorId=SLX59BE9282D677020</sdata&colon;applicationCode>
  • <sdata&colon;message>We're sorry, you've encountered an error. If applicable, please try again.</sdata&colon;message>
  • <sdata&colon;stackTrace/>
  • <sdata&colon;payloadPath/>
  • </sdata&colon;diagnosis>
  • </sdata&colon;diagnoses>

Please Help


Bronze Super Contributor
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Re: sdata Error ... Please Help

It's hard to tell what you're trying to do with the code you've posted. The error could signify that your URI is wrong, or that the target service doesn't know what to do with the payload. What URI are you using?

Andy Freeman
TrellisPoint, LLC