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Copper Super Contributor
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Registered: ‎04-01-2009

Re: having issues getting sData working



We're your BP and yesterday I had your account manager call to try and assist.  As you recall we upgraded you to 7.5.4 LAN client as moving to the web wasn't an option that your company wanted at this time.


We haven't heard back from you on our call yesterday, however I personally would be more than happy to discuss what you'd expect from us in order to make you happy. 


We can offer detailed training, installation or whatever you'd like.  Also, currently you are on the Bronze Business Care plan from Sage which offers no support.  I know Sage provided an upgrade offer yesterday to their Silver Plan which would allow you to call Sage for Support if you'd rather do the work yourself.


The quote we provided to do web and mobile set up is an estimate and you'd only pay for the time it takes us.  However - I want you to be happy.  What would you like us to do?


Jim Ward

Jim Ward
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Nickel Elite Contributor
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Registered: ‎04-13-2009

Re: having issues getting sData working



Application Architect as well as the project backup may need to be in version parity. Each version may introduct new elements in the API as well as customized templates. When you ran AA and got the initial upgrade message, that was because your database was marked as an older version in the metadata stored in the VirtualFileSystem table. Your issues with compiling I suspect is again from a version incompatibility between the vfs and AA. As for your issues around SData that generally falls on configuration


-permissions (web dll and admin)

- IIS App Pool settings, Mappings, Authentication settings

- General folder permissions