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Accepted Solution

Two different .NET SData Client Library projects on Github

I am planning to start a project in C# that connects to SData, so I was planning to use the SData client library from github.  When I went there to download the source code, I noticed that there are actually two different ".NET/C#" client library projects:






#1 is marked as "SUPPORTED" in its description, but has not had a new release since Jan 2011.


#2 has a more recent release (June 2014) and supports more platforms (Windows Phone 8, .NET 2.0, Silverlight etc), but is not marked as supported. 


Both projects seem to have the same release schedule up to 2011.


Since my project will be using .NET 4, I don't need the extra supported platforms listed for the "DotNetSDataClient".  Is there any reason to prefer one project over the other?  Has the "SDataCSharpClientLib" been abandoned in favour of "DotNetSDataClient"?

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Re: Two different .NET SData Client Library projects on Github

Take the newer one.

It is much  better and easier to use.

The other one comes from Sage and the newer one from the Infor-Team.