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Accepted Solution

SLX Web 7.5.3 Activity Extension Table

Is it possible to have an extension table off of activity in the entity model?


Once I create an extension to activity in the entity model, it's impossible to complete a single instance of a recurring activity. I continously get a "NHibernate.MappingException: No persister for: Sage.SalesLogix.Activity.ActivityOccurrence" error. Every other complete works, but not a single instance of a recurring activity.


I tracked this down to the activity extension table using an eval VFS with just the one extension table added.


Any ideas?



~ Henry

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Re: SLX Web 7.5.3 Activity Extension Table

It is not a good idea (or best practice) to do 1:1 w/ Activity (or History) tables/entities.


Just go into the Slx DB Manager in either Architect or Admin and add your custom field(s) to the "core" table(s).


In general you will normally want to have the same custom fields (same name) in BOTH tables/entities (Activity and History). Also, make sure the data type AND length (if it applies are exactly the same). The reason is VERY simple - when you "complete" an Activity, it will automatically copy of the info from the custom fields in Activity to History no matter which "client" app you use (Web, WIndows/LAN, or the new SData HTML5 Mobile Web app)


After doing this, go back into the AA and "update" the entity (Activity and History) to pull in the new ones.

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