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Copper Super Contributor
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Registered: ‎02-05-2010

SLX 8.1 Web Cannot insert custom entity record

[ Edited ]

I have created a new entity for annual sales quota. Users should only be able to view their sales quotas, and managers should be able to view quotas for people they manage, so I have included SecCodeId in the entity. The entity wizard created a relationship to the Owner entiy. I created a relationship between salesquota.Accountmanagerid and UserInfo.Userid called AccountManager. I have created a new quickform: InsertSalesQuota, and have linked the Account Manager lookup to the relationship for Account Manager, and linked the Owner Lookup to the owner relationship. I created a new entity page called Insert Sales Quota, and have added the Insert Sales Quota quickform (Target workspace: MainContent, ShowInMode: Insert). I created another Entity page Display Sales Quota and included a DisplaySalesQuota quickform.  I added a navigation entry to display the DisplaySalesQuota form, and a context Menu (New Sales Quota, Nav Url: InsertSalesQuota.aspx?modeid=Insert).


I build and deploy with no errors. When I right click on the Sales Quota item in the nav bar and click New Sales Quota, the Insert sales quota form displays. I can select the Account Manager, and the Owner, and set the quota values. When I click save, an error message appears: you have encountered an error - reference to the page SlxClient/InsertSalesQuota.aspx?modeid=Insert.


Here is the error from the event log:


2014-06-25 07:18:15,948 [22] ERROR SlxClient.InsertSalesQuotaPage - Saleslogix Web Client unhandled exception during async postback [Saleslogix Error Id=SLX3F383878182E7EDC]
  "slxErrorId": "SLX3F383878182E7EDC",
  "mitigation": "AjaxErrorResponse (576)",
  "date": "2014-06-25T07:18:15",
  "utc": "2014-06-25T11:18:15",
  "message": "Provided id of the wrong type. Expected: System.String, got Sage.SalesLogix.Security.User.",

 If I change the binding on the form for Account Manager from the relationship Account Manager to the string AccountMangerID, save build deploy, try again: the record is saved. However, If I check the data table, the AccountManagerId now contains a user name rather then the userid. 


I have two questions:


1. Does anyone have any ideas on how to correct the problem mapping Account Manager?

2. I would like to set the Owner for this record to be the SecCodeID of the user selected as the Account Manager. It would be great to have this set when the Account Manager is selected. Otherwise, it could be set when the form is saved, using an OnAfterInsert. I have not been able to successfully code this.




Tom Kaiser



Copper Super Contributor
Posts: 17
Registered: ‎02-05-2010

Re: SLX 8.1 Web Cannot insert custom entity record

Further information:

SLX v8.1.0 SNC Update 02

SLX v8.1.0 VFS Web Core Update 02

SLX v8.1.0 VFS Web Model 01