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Registered: ‎12-09-2010

References and global scripts

Hi, I've got 3 questions that I've been struggling to find answers for.


I've created a dll that I want to use in the Code Snippets (C#).   I know that I need to add the reference when editing the snippet, but what do I use as a hint path for it to successfully work?   I've added the dll to the bin folder in Application Architect.   If I use the full path will it still work on the web?


Secondly I've added a javascript function to the common library as per the web tutorial (using jsb) and successfully used it from a cs file I added manually.  But when I try to reference ScriptManager in a C# Code Snippet it doesn't recognize ScriptManager...  what is missing?


Lastly I want to create a library of common functions that I will be using in multiple places, this will include querying the database.   What is the best method of doing this?   I was planning on creating an external library and then including it as a reference in those snippets that need it.  Is this the best way of doing that?   Also is there a way I can create an object reference when the web is opened that is used throughout the application?