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Bronze Super Contributor
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Registered: ‎02-01-2011

Opp Contacts Editable Grid - Filtering Relate Lookup

[ Edited ]

In v7.5.4 the Opportunity Contacts grid's Toolbar belonged to the enclosing Tab's workspace, and it contained a "standard" SLXLookup which used the "Seed Property" property to limit results to Contacts belonging to the Opportunity's parent Account.


In v8.x, the "old" grid was replaced with an Editable Grid, with its own Toolbar and a different lookup. This "new" lookup does not have the "Seed Property" property. The lookup is not filtered to the current Opportunity's parent Account, which annoys users.


I tried adding the following to the "Conditional Where" of the new grid's Relate control:


function() {
  var lue = dojo.byId('MainContent_OpportunityDetails_lueAccount_LookupResult');
  if (!lue) return "";
  var accid = lue.value;
  if (!accid) return "";
  return "Account.Id eq '" + accid + "'";

 It kind of works... but it retains previous results if you navigate to a different record, until you click "Search" and then it refreshes the view. Surely there is a better way...?

Andy Freeman
TrellisPoint, LLC