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Registered: ‎03-21-2012

Open related tab as dialog window

When the opportunity is Closed as Won in the LAN client, there is a dialog box for the "Move to Assets" functionality where the user can check which products to move to the assets of the related company, but in the web client this dialog window has been removed and instead the products are directly copied to assets.
Instead of this I want to open the assets tab from the related company in a dialog box and present that to the user so that he/she can directly see the added assets in a dialog box without having to go to the Company entity.
How would I go about triggering the asset tab as a dialog box from the Close Opportunity Won dialog box. I've tried adding an action of Dialog on the click of the OK button in the close as won dialog but all I get is an empty page in the same dialog window as the close as won dialog.