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Copper Super Contributor
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Registered: ‎05-01-2009

Mimicking Subscription Rules in Web

How is complex subscription rules that give users a unique world of their data (remote db) being achieved in the web where you could technically not use remotes anymore, but still want have users see and interact with only their world of data?

Bronze Super Contributor
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Registered: ‎06-09-2009

Re: Mimicking Subscription Rules in Web

First of all, you could still use Remote Clients with the Web Client.

In this scenario, the Clients have a Remove Database, but instead of getting a Copy of the SLX Windows Cient, they get their own copy of your SLX Client Portal running on a local Web Server.



But that aside, Subscription rules are not meant to limit what a Remove user can View, but rather to limit the Default Data that their Remote Database contains. They would still be able to request (or be sent) additional records that are not part of his/her subscription rules, but that are visible to that user.



  Login to the Web Server is like have a Remote User login into the Main Database. Depending on your security, they may see more data than what they have on their remote. And this is probably what you are running into at this point.



  What truly matters is Security. Security will prevent a User to have access to a record (even if a subscription rule may hint at they having access to). E.g. If a subscription rule states that a User receives All Accounts located in FL, but that user has no Security Access to any of those accounts, he/she will not receive any records.


Raul A. Chavez
Silver Contributor
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Re: Mimicking Subscription Rules in Web

Or course it's the synch server that drives the subscription engine...the very system that many of us tried to get away from by going to the web....


sData works with SECCODID Teams......can you split up the silo's by Sales Territory?


I think that subscriptions could work with local caching schemes.....a great thought for Idealogix.

RJ Samp