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Method for UNinstalling Bundles Applied in App Architect

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While I see a way to install bundles in App Architect, I do not see a way to UNINSTALL a bundle in App Architect and roll a VFS back to its previous state. This rollback would have to include removing actions that changed the schema (data type changes, field widening, new columns) and restoring custom forms to their previous state.


How is this done?  From what I can tell the only way is to create a sort of "uninstall" bundle that holds the file states before actually making changes. This approach is not only unwieldy but is also technically not a "rollback".


Backing up the project VFS isn't sufficient either, because deploying from a backup does not undo schema changes. We'd have to restore our DB from a backup, which, if the restoration is performed several days or weeks after a deployment, could result in lost data.


I suppose schema changes could be applied via SLX Administrator, but that then involves using 2 applications when we would like to use only 1 - App Architect, since all changes are typically done to the web portals.


What is the correct way then to uninstall only from App Architect?



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Re: Method for UNinstalling Bundles Applied in App Architect

Short answer - you cannot do a "full rollback" like you are asking..


Longer answer - you stated it - project backup.. or better yet make sure your latest before installing the new stuff is all in the VFS and a simple Full SQL backup/restore will do it ;-)

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Re: Method for UNinstalling Bundles Applied in App Architect

Note that many of the actions to undo a step in a bundle simply do not exist.....Delete\Drop Table for example.... is the bundle aware of the 'version' of a form that it installed? That it replaced? On the LAN side this never worked because uninstalling bundle didn't know which plugins to release to what state based on the install.....

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