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Registered: ‎05-07-2012

Re: Merge Accounts with Relations to Custom Entities

[ Edited ]

Sry for that late response, but there where some other higher priority tickets in front of that problem.


public static void MergeContactStep_VisitCustomerMembers(IContact contact, Object mergeProvider, ref Boolean result)
			IBusinessRuleHelperService service = new BusinessRuleHelper();
			if(service == null)
				result = false;
				List<string> properties;
				List<string> updatePropValues;
				List<string> entityIds;
				result = service.UpdatePropertyForEntity("VisitCustomerMember", "ContactId", properties, updatePropValues, entityIds);

 that's what I have now. What do I have to add to "properties", "updateProbValues", and "entityIds"?
VisitCustomerMember only hast the VisitCustomerMemberId, VisitId, ContactId and the default Properties. So in my opinion I only have to update the contactId with the new one.