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New Member
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Registered: ‎09-09-2013

Change DisplayName of "Status" in AccountDetail



I tried to change the display name of the controll-ID "Status" in AccountDetail. So I opened the properties of the controlID "Status" and changed the Caption. After that I saved all, built Interfaces, built Web Platform and deployed. I started SLX and everything worked. But the caption of control-ID "Status" ist still the same. No changes.


I found some js-Files with translations (e.g. SupportFiles/jscript/Sage/nls/Sage_en.js). But changes in this script (and others) have no effect.


What is wrong? How can I change the wording of Control-ID "Status" in AccountDetail?


Thank you in anticipation.




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Re: Change DisplayName of "Status" in AccountDetail



I'm not sure why your Account Details status is not changing?

These are the steps.

Using AA open the quick form AccountDetails.

Hit f4 to access the properties if they aren't already open.

Click over the 'Status' control and change the caption to whatever value you want.


If this is an 8.0 and you have the quick try test working, and a open web client, all you need to do is save the form and refresh your browser.  The change should display.


If it's not then try some else like adding a new control to the form.


Reasons you might not be seeing your changes?

Clear the cache.

Are you logging into the correct web site? 

Try it on an clean project workspace.

And lastly again in 8.0 with any existing quickforms, there is an edit form option (you must be logged in as Admin).

Try your changes there, but just note these are not permanent, only temporary.


Hope this helps.



Nickel Contributor
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Re: Change DisplayName of "Status" in AccountDetail

Is it controled by the resx file..? and being set from there overriding the caption poroperty..?