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New Member
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Registered: ‎10-15-2013

8.1 Extending Activities Preset Combobox values - dojo question

I am extending the Activities in web 8.1 to include custom items.  However, based on a particular variable - I need the pk_Category (from the base ActivityEditor.js) to populate with my picklist value.


My extended page is working fine, I can fall into my if loop based on a custom variable, grab the control and see the attributes in debug, but I cannot seem to affect the control.  I don't know if I am calling it from the wrong place or using the wrong attributes to set the value, etc.


Can anyone give me a hint what I am doing wrong in my extended js?


 _setUIForActivityType: function(actType) {


 if (this.custom === 'myVariable')  // this part works

               // these do not affect the control

                this.pk_Category.set("value", "PD Activity");  // have tried with single and double quotes

                this.pk_Category.set("placeHolder", 'PD Activity'); 

                this.pk_Category.comboBox.item("value", 'PD Activity'); //bombs



Any hints would be much appreciated.

New Member
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎10-15-2013

Re: 8.1 Extending Activities Preset Combobox values - dojo question


This seems to do the trick, but then wipes it out by the time UI is set.

Sage.Utility.setValue(this.pk_Category, 'value', "PD Activity");