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Silver Contributor
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Registered: ‎03-24-2009

7.5.4 1:1 Account Extensions: The Horror, The Horror....

So the ERPTRADINGACCOUNT issue (still unresolved AFIK as of today) is a higher priority case.....


I have other customers getting errors on the 7.5.4 web client.......


Inserting a CONTACT in the insertACCOUNTContact screen......I'm getting errors when adding a Contact to an existing Account that it can't re-add a duplicate 1:1 AccountID into the 1:1 table's primary think???


I think something is messed up in SLX OLE DB Providerland.


My thoughts on 1:1 extensions.

1. These are LEFT, not Inner, Joins.

2. SLX should add them automatically, only after first testing if they exist alreadyy.

3. SLX needs to keep up with the SECCODEID's.


The goal here was not to HIDE Account data through missing rows (Inner Join) or mismatched SECCODEID's...the goal of the 1:1 talbes initally (way back in 1997) was to add extended data WHERE NEEDED......then it was to add fields to the Account Table on the LAN that could be directly referenced.


This latest incarnation where we are getting errors because the data isn't there (OK, so there are only 60,000 SPOUSE_INFO Extension tables in a 600,000 contact row database) or SLX is trying to insert a row that's already there....has got to stop....NOW.

RJ Samp