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v7.5.3 and v7.5.4 - ftp sync Error Uploading file.....

I have been told about this issue.. but just saw it myself today:



   Running ftp sync (auto.manual.. makes no difference)

   All of a sudden.. there is an error message:

               SLXFTP - Error uploading file: C:\SlxData\ProductionShares\SlxLogs\Outfiles\ZIP-FILE008G0L.8HUS..... file exists..


Sure enough.. looking at the ftp site w/filezilla shows two files:

    one the correct one.. the other the same but ends w/.tmp


At this point.. all ftp sync xfer profiles "fail".. synch crashes out..


Force a synch and it fails as soon as it sees the "existing file".


The only way I have been able to get it going is to manually (via filezilla) delete both files off the ftp site and start synch again.

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