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Tuned Listener
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Registered: ‎06-13-2011

Where are delphi constants in Version 8? e.g., crHourglass

We have code that has been running for years that uses crHourglass and crDefault to set the mouse cursor.  Our recent conversion testing of 7.21 -> 8.0 has an issue:  when code reaches the constants that used to be available without any explicit reference, it fails with 'unknown variable error'.


I never had to add a reference or enum of my own.  Does anybody know where the reference to these variables can be found?





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Registered: ‎04-24-2009

Re: Where are delphi constants in Version 8? e.g., crHourglass

The following are the cursor constants; I'm not sure about the issue though.


 crDefault     = TCursor(0); 
 crNone        = TCursor(-1); 
 crArrow       = TCursor(-2); 
 crCross       = TCursor(-3); 
 crIBeam       = TCursor(-4); 
 crSize        = TCursor(-22); 
 crSizeNESW    = TCursor(-6); 
 crSizeNS      = TCursor(-7); 
 crSizeNWSE    = TCursor(-8); 
 crSizeWE      = TCursor(-9); 
 crUpArrow     = TCursor(-10); 
 crHourGlass   = TCursor(-11); 
 crDrag        = TCursor(-12); 
 crNoDrop      = TCursor(-13); 
 crHSplit      = TCursor(-14); 
 crVSplit      = TCursor(-15); 
 crMultiDrag   = TCursor(-16); 
 crSQLWait     = TCursor(-17); 
 crNo          = TCursor(-18); 
 crAppStart    = TCursor(-19); 
 crHelp        = TCursor(-20); 
 crHandPoint   = TCursor(-21); 
 crSizeAll     = TCursor(-22);