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Tuned Listener
Posts: 22
Registered: ‎06-13-2011

Version 8.0.0 Toolbar not working Merge / Replace

Has anything changed from 7.2.1 to 8.0.0 that I don't know about?  I have several issues:

  •  The Remove option does not seem to work.  I have named the toolbar / tree the same as in the new main toolbar and a the link to be removed remains and a separate link is created.  I assume I should use the same idea as the past, but add a separator tag before the link to be merged that matches the group of the link to be replaced.  e.g., to replace Ticket lookup, Create a new toolbar with Toolbars-Navigate.  Add Ticket button with merge rule remove. Release and voila!  Does not work
  •  Same issue with Replace and Merge.  This leads me to the assumption that my tree or logic must be wrong?
  •  Color does not work.  Add link with color / text only and no color shows.
  •  Images cannot be deleted without creating new button
  •  Can't seem to create a very small image

Can someone point me in the right direction?


Thanks in advance.


Silver Super Contributor
Posts: 801
Registered: ‎03-24-2009

Re: Version 8.0.0 Toolbar not working Merge / Replace

Toobars have changed - due to the toolbar grouping (like Office). You should not use Remove anymore (and there was no need since v6.x - whereby you had access to Standard Menus/Standard Toolbars - so the remove is no longer needed anyway, just modify the standard ones). Use Combine to merge them together. Not sure how small is small - but generally 16x16 or 32x32 work fine. Seems to be a bit picky about the type of bitmap you use (and I've never had time to figure out what the difference is).
Tuned Listener
Posts: 22
Registered: ‎06-13-2011

Re: Version 8.0.0 Toolbar not working Merge / Replace

I have already found that I can copy the v8 main toolbar and rev it.  Then I deleted the buttons I did not want.  Of course, this means that everyone will get this same toolbar, or I would have to create and release several if I needed other buttons.  Why do they have the remove option any more if it does not work?


I also have several toolbar buttons that I want to release to smaller groups, and have them show up under one section on the main toolbar.  This does no longer work the way it used to in 7.2.1?  Do any of the merge rules work any more?  Do I have to write code to hide or show these other buttons?