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Registered: ‎04-08-2009

Using a SQL View in a Mobile List View (Mobile 2.2, Slx v8.0 Web/Core 03)

Hello All,


I have an issue I hope someone has seen before.  I have a SQL view that I am attempting to display rows from in

a 2.2. Mobile list view....  no errors.  The issue is that when the list view is opened, the correct number of rows are

displayed except that the data from a single row (not necessarily the first row in the view for the account)

is repeated for each row returned... and here's the twist....  if I click in the search box and search for any of the

rows not shown, it finds them and displays them as intended...  but on the initial load and search-all it will repeat

the data for any single row in the group.


I've tried tweaking view properties in the list.js, rebuilding the view from scratch from the backend through to the

sData deployment, rebuilding the joins, tweaking the itemtemplate, etc. 


I've had Saleslogix Support look at it as well, to no avail.


Has anyone seen this before, or have any ideas?



Avid Listener
Posts: 6
Registered: ‎04-08-2009

Re: Using a SQL View in a Mobile List View (Mobile 2.2, Slx v8.0 Web/Core 03)

My apologies... as I neglected to post my solution to this issue....  I found that when I enabled the Sequel view in the Database Manager, it had never prompted me for the unique key as it usually does.... instead it assumed that since ACCOUNTID was included as a column in my view that it was the intended unique key, and placed this column named into the key column of RESYNCTABLEDEFS...  well, of course this doensn't work because my view actually has a one to many relationship to the ACCOUNT table... and so all of this was pushed out via SDATA and my custom list view simply halted at the first record it found, and repeated the same data for the number of records that it found... this also allowed the search feature to function as normal because it only needed to find a single record.


So the solution was to manually changed the registerd key column name within RESYNCTABLEDEFS, and everything began working as intended.


The issue here is that the Database Manager assumed that ACCOUNTID was the intended unique key when enabling the view.


Can we place that on the list of things to address?

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Re: Using a SQL View in a Mobile List View (Mobile 2.2, Slx v8.0 Web/Core 03)

Just submit it as a Ticket (to SLX). It's not really a mobility issue.

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