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Update Price List in Excel

I have a client who would love to be able to update price lists in SLX via Excel.  They have a different price for each state.  The grid in Excel would display products down the left and states across the top.  However, SalesLogix stores a separate record for each cell rather than each row in a spreadsheet.  Is anyone aware of a way to display the data from the Product and Price (ProductPrice or ProductProgram) tables in a grid for update?




Scot Zimmerman
Interlinx Associates, LLC
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Re: Update Price List in Excel

Scott, DO they want to do it "hot" (real-time) or would an export/import/update approach work?

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Re: Update Price List in Excel

Product and Program are already available in a grid for update.....see the Product Master and Detail forms...... there's no reason you couldn't come up with a Product Editing screen that has the Programs going up or down one access and the States going up or down another access (assuming you have multiple Programs per State......maybe 2012-MN is the program?


You can export record sets to excel, and the record set can be built in can manipulate Excel Objects....


What did you want to do next, re-import the changes into SLX or 'hot' change the SLX  data on the fly through an Excel Macro?



RJ Samp